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The Ninth National Financial System Advanced Collective and Advanced Workers Commendation Conference Held in Beijing

Source: Ministry of Finance Time: 2019-12-30

On December 26, the Ninth National Financial System Advanced Collective and Advanced Workers Commendation Conference was held in Beijing. The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Ministry of Finance have decided to award the title of “National Advanced Collective of the National Financial System” to 75 units including the Budget Office of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Finance, and to 63 comrades such as Hou Yue and 2 comrades such as Wang Yanju to “Advanced National Financial System Work "". The National Advanced Accounting Workers Commendation Meeting was held together, and the Ministry of Finance decided to award Ding Yougang and other 100 comrades the title of “National Advanced Accounting Workers”. Secretary of the Party Committee and Minister of the Ministry of Finance Liu Kun attended the commendation conference and delivered a speech. Members of the Party Group and Deputy Minister Zhang Yiquan of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and members of the Party Group of the Ministry of Finance presented awards for the commendation.

The meeting pointed out that in recent years, the vast number of cadres and staff members of the financial system have guided Xi Jinping's new era of socialist characteristics with Chinese characteristics as the guidance and task of building a well-off society in an all-round way. It has made important contributions to promoting sustainable and healthy economic development, advancing supply-side structural reforms, supporting coordinated development of urban and rural areas, and ensuring and improving people's livelihood. The achievement of these achievements is the result of scientific decision-making by the Party Central Committee and the State Council. It is the result of the strong support of various regions and departments. It is also inseparable from the hard work of the vast number of financial cadres. representative.

The meeting emphasized that acknowledging the advanced is not only an affirmation of achievements, but also an example to guide and inspire the majority of financial cadres with a more positive spirit and a fuller work enthusiasm. Financial departments at all levels must attach great importance to, carefully organize, and quickly set off a wave of learning from advanced models, give full play to the exemplary leading role of advanced models, inspire the majority of cadres, fulfill their duties and perform their due diligence, and transform the learning results into practical actions to promote financial reform and development , To complete all tasks.

The representatives of the commendation objects read the proposal and issued proposals to the cadres and employees of the national financial system. They are firm in their ideals and convictions, and are determined to follow the party. They have the courage to act and actively build their careers. Mission, work harder and build new achievements.

Representatives of previous advanced workers, directors of the finance department (bureau) of the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and cities separately planned, the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, and the main responsible comrades of the various units of the Ministry of Finance participated in the meeting.

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