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State Council: comprehensively promote the open standardization and standardization of grass-roots government affairs

Source: Xinhua News Agency Time: 2019-12-19

The Premier of the State Council, Li Keqiang, hosted an executive meeting of the State Council on December 18, deployed comprehensively to promote the open standardization and standardization of grass-roots government affairs, speeded up the construction of a service-oriented government, and improved the level of benefits for enterprises and the people. To encourage innovation; approve the 2019 national science and technology award review results.

The meeting pointed out that implementing government information disclosure regulations, further advancing grassroots government affairs disclosure, and protecting the public's right to information, participation, and supervision in accordance with the law are important measures to deepen the reform of "decentralization and management services", optimize the business environment, and build a service-oriented government. It was decided at the meeting that on the basis of the preliminary trials, in all counties, cities without districts, municipal districts, township governments, and sub-district offices, grassroots governments will be promoted to standardize and standardize government affairs. Grassroots government affairs are closely related to the interests of the masses, and government affairs information must be made public as much as possible. First, we must increase public participation in administrative decision-making. The grassroots government must clarify the scope and methods of public participation in administrative decision-making, and make it public. For matters involving the vital interests of the masses, hearings and discussions shall be adopted to fully hear opinions. In the implementation of policies and projects, it is necessary to respond to public concerns in a timely manner. For matters that fall within the autonomy of the village committees and neighborhood committees, the grassroots government must guide and support autonomy according to law. Second, we must adapt to local conditions and seek truth from facts to promote open standardization of grassroots government affairs. The government at the grassroots level shall compile and complete the standard catalogue of government affairs disclosure matters at the same level by the end of 2020, and make the actual administrative process and results public. Third, we must fully disclose government service matters, work instructions and procedures through online and offline. County-level government portals should set up a unified online portal to facilitate business and the masses.

In accordance with the arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, in order to further implement the innovation-driven development strategy, improve the science and technology reward system, and inspire greater innovation in the whole society, the meeting passed the National Science and Technology Award Regulations (Revised Draft), which will reform and practice the science and technology award system in recent years. Effective practices in China have risen to regulations. The first is to change the past from the unit recommendation to experts, scholars, relevant departments and institutions, etc., which can nominate, monopolize the department, and strengthen the nomination responsibility. The second is to improve review standards and highlight orientation. Natural science awards should focus on forward-looking and theoretical, and increase incentives for basic research such as mathematics; technology invention awards, science and technology progress awards should be closely integrated with national major strategies and development needs, focusing on innovation and efficiency. The third is to strengthen the requirements of integrity and increase discipline and discipline. Individuals and organizations that violate ethics or conduct scientific research misconduct in scientific and technological activities shall not be nominated or awarded. Nominations of experts, institutions, reviewers, candidates, etc. that violate relevant disciplinary requirements shall be disqualified and recorded in the scientific research integrity and dishonesty database. Fourth, adhere to the openness, fairness, and impartiality of the review activities, and implement full supervision of nomination, review, and objection handling. Fifth, various localities and departments must streamline various types of science and technology awards, focus on quality, select the best, reduce the burden of participation, and create a good environment for scientific researchers to focus their research.

The meeting heard the report of the evaluation results of the 2019 National Science and Technology Awards, reviewed and approved the candidates, types and grades of awards, and focused on awarding innovations that are of great originality, closely related to economic development and people's livelihood, and innovation achievements of young talents. Encourage all kinds of talents to climb the peak of science and technology, support development with innovation, and benefit the people.

The meeting also studied other matters.

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