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Shi Jianhui, director of the Hunan Provincial Department of Finance: In a tight time, we must strictly control the fiscal "four barriers"

Source: China Business News Release time: 2019-10-10

Shi Jianhui

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "the party and the government take the lead to live a tight life, the purpose is to live a good life for the common people, which is determined by the purpose and nature of our party." In the current economic downturn, the tax and fee reduction efforts are unprecedented. Under the background, the financial department must earnestly raise its political standing, set up an "iron abacus", be a "iron rooster", strictly control the "four gates", and effectively implement the central government's decision-making on vigorously reducing general expenditures. .

First, we must strictly control the source of the budget and strictly reduce administrative expenditures. Fiscal funds must not only guarantee the operation, but also benefit the people's livelihood. The government's operation consumes too much and spends a lot of money, so it is inevitable to compete with the people for profit and crowd out the people's livelihood expenditure. The financial department must conscientiously perform its "gatekeeper" role, and resolutely reduce general expenditures and various non-rigid and unreasonable expenditures in the budget preparation process, and fully protect key expenditures; in budget implementation, strengthen budget rigidity, Adhere to the "no budget, no expenditure, budget first, then expenditure", except for emergency relief and other expenditures, generally no additional expenditures in the middle of the year. Since the beginning of this year, Hunan's finances have reduced the general expenditures of provincial departments by 620 million yuan, and the reduction ratio has reached 10%. The funds saved are preferentially used in key areas such as "three guarantees" and "three major battles."

In the future work, Hunan Finance will continue to make efforts to further regulate the planning and management of key projects such as business travel abroad, bus purchases, business training, and exhibition activities, and implement the "dual linkage" of competent departments and financial departments, plan approval and funding guarantee. The project advanced the cage, and then arrange the budget. Except for the central and provincial new deployment tasks, it will not be added at the end of the year. From the source, ensure that general expenditures are only reduced or not increased. We will improve the standards for guaranteeing the quotas and quotas of departmental public funds to ensure that general expenditure arrangements are based on evidence and rules. Strengthen budget compliance review and financial affordability assessment, and resolutely prevent the possibility of blindly spreading stalls, running projects, and increasing expenditures beyond financial means.

Second, it is necessary to strictly control the recovery of stocks and strive to make the best use of money and resources. As economic development enters the new normal, the growth rate of fiscal revenue has also shifted from high-speed growth in the past to low-medium speed growth. In the case of weak fiscal revenue increase and limited increase, we must focus more on revitalizing the existing funds and assets to ensure a balanced budget revenue and stable budget operation. Since last year, Hunan has accelerated budget implementation and strictly controlled the balance of carry-over funds. At the beginning of 2019, a total of nearly 1.5 billion yuan of carry-over funds from the provincial departments were recovered. The government paid a heavy punch to clear up the temporary payment of the state treasury, and the province collected a total of more than 20 billion yuan. At the same time, the inventory of the province's existing assets will be sorted out, and the state-owned assets with super-standard allocation, long-term idle, and inefficient operation will be expedited and the income will be used to make up for the income reduction gap caused by tax and fee reduction or to resolve the existing debt.

On this basis, Hunan Finance will take more effective measures to further accelerate the implementation of the budget, increase the balance of carry-over funds and fiscal external borrowing, and activate the "money on the account" to allow illegal lending. Of funds "home". Further strengthen the role of fiscal "asset management", establish a general ledger of state-owned assets, explore market-oriented transactions of state-owned assets, vigorously promote the activation of bulk assets such as land and houses, and form new sources of income.

Third, we must strictly control the public information and hand over a clear account to the society. Sunlight is the best preservative, and the masses are the best supervisors. In recent years, Hunan Finance has continued to strengthen the disclosure of financial information. All funds arranged by the government have achieved “non-secret and full disclosure”. Provincial special funds have implemented institutional methods, reporting procedures, review and publicity, distribution results, and performance evaluation results. "Five open", the people's livelihood funds are fully integrated into the "Internet + supervision" platform, and actively accept the supervision of the society, so that every penny is spent on the bright and practical. In the past two years, Hunan ’s fiscal transparency has consistently ranked at the forefront of the country in the Ministry of Finance and third-party social assessments.

In accordance with the central government's "excessive days" deployment, Hunan Finance will continue to make general expenditures the focus of financial information disclosure, and on the basis of steadily advancing the disclosure of departmental budgets and "three public" budgets and budgets, further open meetings, training, and festivals And forums, events, and other expenditures, and detailed disclosure of the theme, content, number of people, expenditures, expenditure channels, and other information on various activities, continue to disclose the use of state-owned assets of administrative institutions and new allocations, and actively accept social supervision In order to force the use of funds and assets to standardize management and implement strict economy.

Fourth, we must strictly control the performance of funds, spend less money, do more things, spend less money, do big things. The more the financial resources are tight, the more we must pay attention to improving the output efficiency of unit funds, and use the money on the blade. In recent years, Hunan has actively deepened the reform of the budget performance management system, and has been awarded the National Budget Performance Management First Prize for six consecutive years.

In the next step, Hunan Finance will study the establishment of a quantitative and qualitative combination of performance management indicator systems in accordance with the requirements of the central government's comprehensive implementation of budget performance management, and formulate performance evaluation operations covering fiscal policies, basic expenditures, special expenditures, PPP projects, and government debt projects. Regulations, promulgation of application methods of budget performance evaluation results. Realize the performance goals and set the performance goals as a precondition for budget arrangements. All 47 provincial-level special fund performance goals are submitted to the Provincial People's Congress for review. If the performance goals are not set or the projects fail to pass the review, the budget may not be arranged. Solve the problem of "blindly asking for money and spending money at will" in some budget units from the source. Promote the expansion of performance management, improve the quality of performance evaluation, improve the performance evaluation mechanism of key livelihood policies and major special expenditures as soon as possible, and establish and improve the normal performance evaluation mechanism of departmental overall expenditure, government debt, and government investment and financing activities. Strengthen the use of performance evaluation results, prioritize guarantees for high-performance policies and projects, adjust cross-repeated and fragmented policies and projects, reduce or cancel all inefficient and ineffective funds, and promote performance evaluation results with the People's Congress, Disciplinary Committee, and Audit Sharing, speed up the formation of the power and responsibility mechanism of "rewarding good, punishing bad, invalid accountability".

(The author is the secretary and director of the Hunan Provincial Department of Finance)

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