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Shi Jianhui, director of Hunan Provincial Department of Finance: using financial "living water" to stimulate scientific and technological innovation "vigor"

Author: Shi Jian Hui Source: Published: 2018-12-07

Technology is the weapon of the country. Innovation is the primary driving force behind development. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, Who holds the bullish nose of science and technology innovation, who plays chess at the step of science and technology innovation, Anyone can take the lead and win. In order to implement the important instructions of the General Secretary and the strategy of building an innovative country, Hunan The 11th Provincial Party Congress of the province formally proposed the implementation of the strategy of "innovation leading, opening up," and the comprehensive promotion of "science and technology innovation" has become common practice in Sanxiang.

Finance is the foundation and important pillar of national governance. Financial support for technological innovation is a common practice in countries and fraternal provinces and cities around the world. in this aspect, Hunan's financial system is actively taking action and making precise decisions. Focusing on making good use of fiscal policies and using live fiscal funds, we will fully promote the innovation-driven development strategy to take root and blossom.

1. Grasp the "two links", Efforts should be made to improve the efficiency of scientific research input and output. At the "entry" of technological innovation, Continue to increase financial investment in science and technology and gradually narrow the investment gap with developed provinces; In the "export" of scientific and technological innovation, support the "last mile" of transforming and using scientific and technological achievements, Accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological creativity into actual productivity.

"Catch up" in technology investment, Efforts to make scientific research "out." Provincial financial departments have done everything possible to raise funds, Fully support technological innovation. last year, The province's fiscal science and technology expenditure reached 9.142 billion yuan, an increase of 27.97%. From January to September this year, the province's cumulative financial expenditure on science and technology reached 7.793 billion yuan. Increase by 40.79% over the same period of the previous year. Especially since the reform of the science and technology plan system in 2015, The three-year average growth rate of special funds managed by the central science and technology department reached 47.56%. With the joint efforts of all parties, Last year, the whole society's R & D investment in our province reached 56.853 billion yuan, an increase of 21.3% over the previous year. The total volume and growth rate reached record highs.

In the process of transforming achievements, "point stone into gold", Efforts are made to make the scientific research results “fall to the ground”. Innovating financial funding support and distribution management methods, Explore and use various support methods such as pre-subsidy, post-subsidy, risk compensation, fund investment, and purchase of services to promote the accelerated transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements. For example, since 2010, The provincial level has successively established a number of guiding funds such as venture capital investment guidance funds, provincial high-tech technological achievement transformation investment funds, key industry intellectual property operation funds, and emerging industry investment funds. There are also angel funds for the start-up period, which have initially formed a three-dimensional, networked, and all-weather development pattern of technology venture investment.

2. Invigorate "two types of subjects", Efforts will be made to enhance the synergy of technological innovation. The enterprise is the subject of innovation decision-making, research and development investment, scientific research organization and application of results; Colleges and universities and research institutes are important executive subjects of scientific and technological innovation strategies, and play an irreplaceable role in basic original research. Fully releasing the enthusiasm and creativity of these two types of technological innovation subjects is of great significance for cultivating new kinetic energy for development, enhancing new endogenous power, and seizing new highs in development.

on the one hand, Pay attention to "four or two pounds", and give play to the role of the "innovation engine" of enterprises. In order to guide enterprises to increase investment in research and development Provincial finance awards companies that enjoy the pre-tax deduction policy for research and development expenses at a 10% increase in research and development investment in the previous year. The highest prize is 10 million yuan. Simultaneously, Guide enterprises to generally establish a R & D reserve system, and promote rapid growth of R & D investment with enterprises as the mainstay. In the province's post-investment R & D subsidy measures, it has focused on increasing support for high-tech companies, companies with innovation platforms above the provincial level, and first-time finalists. This policy is superimposed on the R & D deduction policy, and the effect is very obvious. This year, the province reported 4,142 companies with tax deduction policies for R & D in 2017. This is an increase of 175.77% over the previous year. In addition, Through innovative use of investment guarantees, we also explored the establishment of a risk-sharing "government + guarantee / insurance + bank + evaluation and disposal agency" intellectual property pledge financing model. Support accelerated enterprise innovation and development. In 2017, The provincial finance only used 179 million yuan to guide funds, which drove social investment of 2.692 billion yuan.

on the other hand, Focus on "unlocking and unlocking", and give full play to the role of "original innovation power cultivation base" in scientific research institutions. In recent years, our province has optimized and improved financial scientific research projects and fund management. Effectively stimulated the innovation and creativity of scientific researchers in the province. For example, in view of the problems of "too fine and too dead", "heavy objects but light people" in the management of scientific research project funds, Last year, our province introduced "Science and Technology 20 Articles", which are mainly aimed at the field of natural science research. Establish a project fund management system covering all scientific research fields.

3. Coordinate "two forces", Efforts will be made to improve the efficiency of government investment in science and technology. Scientific and technological innovation is a complex systems engineering. Must integrate resources from all parties, collaborate horizontally, Vertical linkage can form a strong driving force for work.

Horizontally, Accelerate the substantial integration of special funds for science and technology, and focus on solving the problem of fund sectorization. Since 2016, in order to solve the problem of “Kowloon Water Management” invested in financial technology, Our province has proposed the establishment of a financial and scientific investment management mechanism of "multiple channels of water diversion and overall arrangement for re-watering". At the same time, strengthen the planning system design, Concentrate financial resources on key areas of technological innovation, core technologies and "stuck necks". 2017, Hunan The Provincial Department of Finance has established a financial management system for financial science and technology projects, and has realized the function of check and data analysis of 15 provincial departments and 19 provincial financial special projects. It laid a good foundation for the next step to achieve information sharing, co-determination and project promotion.

Vertically, Explore the establishment of a provincial and municipal science and technology investment linkage mechanism, focusing on solving the problem of management hierarchy. Under the overall framework of the province's science and technology planning, regional autonomy in capital management is granted. For example, in 2017, a special project for the construction of the Chang-Zhu-Tan Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone was newly established at the provincial level. The method of "project method + factor method" is used to allocate funds, and the provinces and cities are integrated. Except for provincial-level major landmark innovation projects selected by the provincial-level project method, other projects measured the release of capital controls to the three cities of Changzhutan according to the factor method. The city may independently select the annual support focus in the provincial rolling project library. Fully mobilized the enthusiasm of promoting scientific and technological innovation at all levels in the province.

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