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Luo Jianguo, director of the Anhui Provincial Department of Finance: follow and guide for financial support to overcome poverty

Author: Luo Jianguo Source: China Financial and Economic News Published: 2018-11-19

Luo Jianguo

At present, the fight against poverty has reached the sprinting stage of tough bones and attacking toughened villages. The more critical the time, the clearer the thinking, the more precise the measures, and the work in place. The financial departments at all levels in the province must always place the "Xi Jinping's Poverty Alleviation Review" and the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping's poverty alleviation measures as important guidelines and action guides for financial support for poverty alleviation. To accurately grasp the main points and implement them properly, ensure that the various arrangements of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the Ministry of Finance, and the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government on poverty alleviation are implemented in the financial sector.

Insist on learning and learning, and consciously unify thinking and action to the central government. It is necessary to thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping ’s important expositions on poverty alleviation, read the original works, and understand the principles, truly arm the mind, guide practice, and promote work, and consciously unify thinking and action to the central poverty alleviation decision-making and deployment.

Studying and implementing the "Excerpts from Xi Jinping's Poverty Alleviation" is a concrete action to implement the "four consciousnesses" and "two safeguards". We must always maintain the "four consciousnesses", improve political standing and quasi-political direction, and always maintain a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee with General Secretary Xi Jinping as the core in the formulation of fiscal policy, fiscal fund management, and fiscal work. It is necessary to regularly benchmark the central government's policies and deployment requirements, make the prohibition and pace consistent, and ensure that the various tasks of financial support services for poverty alleviation are always advanced in the correct direction, and the "four consciousness" will be effectively implemented. "Two maintenances" come down to real action.

To study and implement the "Excerpts from Xi Jinping's Poverty Alleviation" is a practical requirement to implement the people-centered development ideology. We must closely focus on the first livelihood project of poverty alleviation, take the initiative to focus on fiscal policy, increase efficiency of fiscal funds, and work hard on fiscal work, with sincere feelings for poor areas and poor people, and do a good job in fiscal poverty alleviation jobs. We must implement fiscal poverty alleviation work to solve practical problems for the poor.

Studying and implementing the "Xi Jinping's Commentary on Poverty Alleviation" is a powerful weapon to focus on problems and overcome difficulties. The northern Anhui region of Anhui Province, the flood storage area along the Huaihe River, and the Dabieshan revolutionary old area belong to the poor and the poor. The foundation is thin, the cost of poverty alleviation is high, and poverty reduction is more difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to take problem-based learning, make practical moves in precise policy, make practical progress in precise advancement, and see practical results in precise landing.

Adhere to the combination of learning and use, and provide precise and fine financial support for poverty alleviation. The spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's series on poverty alleviation should be fully integrated into the process of financial support for poverty alleviation, integrated into fiscal budget arrangements, fiscal policy formulation, fiscal reform and innovation, and fiscal fund management, focusing on the functions of financing, allocating and managing fiscal poverty alleviation funds In order to ensure that the central government's decision-making on poverty alleviation is deployed in the financial department, it takes root and blossoms.

——Improve the priority guarantee mechanism for poverty reduction investment. Take extra-conventional measures to ensure a significant increase in poverty alleviation investment by maintaining focus, moderating, promoting integration, and improving performance, and ensure that investment matches the requirements for winning the battle against poverty. It is necessary to strictly implement the "Provincial level, 32 key poor counties and cities where they have increased their special fiscal poverty alleviation funds by more than 20% of the increase in local fiscal revenue that year. "Regulations. Of the stock funds recovered from the city and county clean-up, more than 50% can be coordinated, and more than 50% can be used to overcome poverty. Through local government bonds, financial discounts, credit guarantees, etc., various funds and resources are leveraged to invest in poor areas and the poor.

——Improve the mechanism for precise investment of poverty alleviation funds. In 2018, the provincial finances arranged funds to support 9 poverty-stricken counties in poverty alleviation, accounting for 58.1% of new provincial-level special funds. Make overall arrangements for the construction of flood storage areas, and fully support the three major tasks of safety, environment and development of the Huaihe River flood storage areas. 7 billion yuan was allocated to support the construction of basic public services in 32 key poor counties. We will conscientiously implement the policy of supporting poverty alleviation, increase investment in poverty alleviation through education, and block intergenerational transmission of poverty. Coordinate existing medical systems such as basic medical insurance, critical illness insurance, and medical assistance, implement the "351" and "180" health poverty alleviation policies, and solve the problems of poverty caused by illness and returning to poverty due to illness. The implementation of the asset income poverty alleviation and people's livelihood project led to an average income increase of 36,000 yuan in 1981 impoverished villages and collective villages, an increase of 397.3 yuan per capita in 442,000 poor people, and gradually established a long-term mechanism for increasing income and eliminating poverty.

Improve the mechanism for the overall planning and integration of agricultural-related funds. In accordance with the requirements of the central deployment, under the strong guidance of the Ministry of Finance, various provinces throughout the province have innovated and established a "one approach, one plan, three lists" integration working mechanism to increase substantial integration. From 2016 to September 2018, a total of 29.68 billion yuan of agricultural-related funds were integrated in 20 national poverty-stricken counties in the province, which strongly promoted the industrial development and infrastructure construction in poor areas, and provided strong support for poor counties to concentrate their resources to win the battle against poverty. . At the same time, we will increase the use of the stock funds. From 2016 to September 2018, cities and counties invested 3.7 billion yuan of stock funds for poverty alleviation, accounting for more than 50% of the total funds.

-Improve the comprehensive supervision mechanism for poverty alleviation funds. Improve the “special inspection + daily supervision + third-party assessment” fund supervision mechanism, promote comprehensive performance management, and ensure the safe, standardized, and efficient use of poverty alleviation funds. All types of financial poverty alleviation funds shall be included in the evaluation scope, and the Anhui Province poverty alleviation project fund performance management measures and financial poverty alleviation fund performance evaluation methods shall be formulated to accelerate the establishment of a performance management mechanism that "spending money must be effective and ineffective must be accountable." Comprehensively strengthen the management of poverty alleviation funds at all levels and accelerate the establishment of a dynamic monitoring mechanism covering budgetary arrangements, fund allocation, use of funds, payment of funds, and performance evaluation at all levels of provinces, cities, counties and townships. Implement the system of public announcement and publicize the funding arrangements for poverty reduction projects to the public in a timely manner and accept social supervision.

——Improve the mechanism of party building and leading poverty alleviation work. Comprehensively strengthen the protection of personnel, funding and work style. Selected the first secretary of Paiqiang and the supporting cadres, and continued to do a good job in fixed-point assistance to the east and Wuzhai villages. After years of struggling, the poverty-stricken households in Wuzhai Village dropped from 284 households with 720 people to the current 25 households with 62 people, and the cumulative poverty reduction of 259 households with 658 people decreased from 17.4% to 1.27%. In 2017, the village was listed . It is necessary to continue to guide and help Wuzhai Village develop special industries, strengthen the collective economy, and establish a long-term mechanism for poverty alleviation. Support party building to lead poverty alleviation projects, continue to strengthen the guarantee of funds for the operation of village-level organizations, arrange special funds to support poor villages to develop the collective economy of the village, and protect the office funding of the poverty alleviation task force.

Insist on learning and improvement, and implement the goals and targets of financial support for poverty alleviation. We must adhere to the basic strategy of targeted poverty alleviation and targeted poverty alleviation. We must learn from the implementation of Xi Jinping's Commentary on Poverty Alleviation and combine it with the special inspections of the central poverty alleviation program to further supplement shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses, and promote improvement. Lian Jie.

The first is to continue in-depth study and strengthen theoretical arms. In order to learn from the above, the in-depth study "Xi Jinping's Discussion on Poverty Alleviation" is listed as an important learning content of the Party Group Theory Learning Center Group Study and Party Branch Study, and thematic study will be carried out to further improve the leadership and leadership cadres' ability to fight poverty and strengthen their political abilities and politics. Level. It is necessary to participate in the study with all staff, to integrate learning with practice, to solve practical work problems, to formulate fiscal policies and strengthen financial management, to test and measure learning results with actual work effectiveness.

The second is to strengthen goal guidance and highlight key tasks. Focus on key tasks and make good use of the “combined punches” for poverty alleviation policy, investment and performance. We must focus on deeply impoverished areas, implement the "three new additions" requirements, and vigorously support the relocation of residents in flood storage areas, the renovation of Zhuangtai and Baozhuang Villages, rural environmental governance, and industrial development. Provincial finance has increased 50% of special funds for poverty alleviation. The above applies to deeply poor counties. We must focus on the construction of basic public services at the grassroots level, give priority support to 31 key poor counties, give priority to the construction of the "Four Good Rural Roads", implement rural drinking water safety consolidation and improvement projects, and further promote the "three revolutions" of rural toilet waste and sewage. Focus on the “Top Ten Projects” for poverty alleviation, such as industry, employment, intelligence, and social security, as determined by the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, and focus on key projects to strengthen financial security.

The third is to adhere to the problem-oriented and speed up the repair of shortcomings. Accelerate the implementation of the budget, cooperate with the competent departments to improve the management of poverty alleviation projects, and solve the problem of "money and other projects" from the source; strengthen the expenditure tracking and scheduling, optimize the process of fund allocation, appropriation, and reporting, and timely clean up and carry over the balance of funds. Further deepen the integration of agriculture-related funds, increase substantial integration efforts, and improve the depth and quality of integration. Strengthen the management of financial poverty alleviation funds, and comprehensively implement the performance management of poverty alleviation funds, which runs through the entire process of performance goals, performance monitoring, performance evaluation, and performance accountability; establish “horizontal to side, vertical to the end” coverage of various levels of poverty alleviation funds Dynamic monitoring system.

The fourth is to strengthen the construction of work style and compact the responsibility. It is necessary to continue to strengthen party building work, promote the standardization of grassroots party organizations and the promotion of branch construction, and give full play to the role of party organizations and fortresses and party members and cadres in the vanguard of poverty alleviation. It is necessary to continue to support party building and lead poverty alleviation efforts, increase funding input and guarantee efforts, and ensure high-quality progress in poverty alleviation. Maintain "zero tolerance" for violations of laws and disciplines, and ensure that the "high-voltage line" of poverty alleviation funds is continuously energized. (The author is the director of the Department of Finance of Anhui Province)

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