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Xu Yuning, Director of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance: Provides Strong Financial Guarantee for Clean and Honest Zhejiang Construction

Source: China Business News Release time: 2018-10-24

The Third Plenary Session of the Fourteenth Session of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee passed the "Decision on Promoting the Construction of a Clean and Honest Zhejiang" and made a comprehensive plan for the construction of a clean and honest Zhejiang. The party group of the Provincial Department of Finance earnestly studied and implemented the spirit of the plenary, combined with the financial reality, researched and issued the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Construction of a Clean and Honest Finance in the Province," focusing on the construction of five major systems, actively building a clean finance, and providing a strong financial guarantee for the construction of a clean Zhejiang.

Thoughts and Principles of Clean Financial Construction

The construction of a clean government is an important part of the construction of a clean government in Zhejiang Province. It is a strong starting point for promoting the strict and comprehensive administration of the party. It is also an objective requirement to deepen the reform of the fiscal and taxation system and accelerate the establishment of a modern financial system. The party group of the Provincial Department of Finance fully recognizes the extreme importance of clean financial construction, and proposes a construction idea of "full coverage, characteristics, and long-term management." Full coverage, that is, horizontally covering all departments, offices, and units of the department, and vertically covering provincial, city, and county financial departments to achieve "horizontal to side, vertical to the end, and no dead ends". It has characteristics, that is, integrating the concept of incorruptibility into the entire process of reforming corruption at the source of finance in accordance with the characteristics of financial functions, and highlighting the characteristics of financial services to ensure the construction of an incorruptible Zhejiang. Governance of the long-term, that is, the organic combination of addressing the symptoms and treating the root causes, and the phased goals and long-term goals, not only focus on solving the current outstanding problems, but also continuously improve the long-term mechanism, using the system to manage power, money, and affairs. In the process of building a clean government, the following principles are mainly followed:

The first is to insist that the party manages the party. Guided by the party's political construction, firmly establish the "four consciousnesses", firmly implement the party's political line, strictly adhere to political discipline and political rules, and resolutely implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, the Provincial Party Committee, and the Provincial Government. Promote clean financial construction under the general framework.

The second is to adhere to institutional constraints. Following the policy of "same root cause, comprehensive governance, simultaneous punishment and prevention, and attention to prevention", the system construction runs through the whole process of clean financial construction, establishes an open and fair power operation and supervision and restriction mechanism, and restricts and regulates cadres' political behavior from the source. To prevent abuse of power.

The third is to adhere to science and technology to promote integrity. Explore a new model of "Internet +" to prevent corruption with science and technology to promote openness and integrity. Actively build a financial big data platform, incorporate public budget funds into the platform's monitoring, promptly detect and warn of violations of laws and disciplines, and build a "non-corruptible" technological barrier.

Fourth, adhere to coordinated advancement. Establish a clear and well-conducted responsibility implementation mechanism and problem feedback mechanism to ensure the orderly progress of clean financial construction. Establish internal and external collaborative working mechanisms, and continuously improve the communication and transfer of problem clues with relevant departments such as discipline inspection and supervision, inspections, audits, and form a joint force of supervision.

Systematic construction of the five major systems of clean financial construction

The first is to build a political and ecological system that is honest and upright. This is the most important task for promoting clean government construction. Strengthen political construction, give full play to the core role of the party's party group in overseeing the overall situation and coordinate the leadership of all parties, and consciously obey the overall situation of economic and social development. Establish an evaluation and analysis system for the political and ecological status of the party group, and timely discover and solve emerging and inclination problems. Implement the spirit of the Central Committee's eight regulations with high standards. In-depth implementation of the branch building and upgrading project, and building the party branch into a strong battle fortress that propagates the party's ideas, implements the party's decisions, and innovates the concept of development.

The second is to establish a standardized and transparent public financial fund management system. This is the core content of promoting the construction of a clean government. We will conscientiously implement the budget law, strengthen budget rigid constraints, strictly manage budget revenue and expenditure, adhere to the budget first and then the expenditures, and strictly control new fiscal expenditures. Promote the reform of special fund management in accordance with the requirements of the "two general failures", continuously improve the special fund management checklist, actively promote the "factor method" distribution and competitive distribution, reduce the discretionary space, and improve the scientific and fairness of fund distribution And transparency. We will improve the mechanism for depositing public funds, strictly implement the system of avoidance of interests, strengthen supervision and accountability, cut off the chain of interest transmission, and resolutely put an end to illegal interference and intervening in funds deposits. Strengthen the dynamic monitoring of centralized treasury payments, and gradually realize the full coverage of the monitoring system, monitoring areas, monitoring posts, and monitoring system of financial departments at all levels in the province. We will improve the standard system for fiscal expenditures so that "the budget is prepared, the budget expenditures are standardized, and the budget execution is constrained." Actively promote financial budgets and final accounts and the disclosure of "three public" funds to create "sunshine finance".

The third is to build a strong financial source to combat corruption. This is a radical measure to promote clean financial construction. Strengthen government procurement management, establish a government procurement policy system that is compatible with electronic procurement, actively promote the application of the government procurement cloud platform, realize the integration of government procurement across the province, and a network to focus on solving long-standing problems in the government procurement field. Strengthen the supervision of state-owned public assets, establish and improve a scientific standard system for the allocation of state-owned assets, strengthen the management of state-owned asset leasing, strictly approve the external investment of public institutions, further standardize the disposal of assets, prevent black-box operations, and prevent the loss of state-owned assets. Innovate the supply of public products, actively promote the application of the PPP model and government procurement services, strictly control the PPP project storage standards, introduce a third-party evaluation mechanism for government procurement services, and effectively improve the quality and efficiency of public service supply. We will improve the financial management system of towns and villages, strictly manage the budgetary management of revenues and expenditures of towns and villages, standardize the management of assets and debts and debts, and realize the supervision of local financial funds and the provision of local financial services. Promote the internal control construction of administrative institutions, and strive to build a "1 + 8 + X" internal control system to effectively prevent internal control risks.

The fourth is to build an authoritative and efficient financial supervision system. This is an important guarantee for promoting clean financial construction. Fully implement budget performance management, and strengthen performance management supervision and accountability. Improve the feedback on performance evaluation results and the responsibility system for rectification of performance issues. We will strictly enforce the law of financial brokerage, and seriously investigate and intercept acts of misappropriation, fraud, and embezzlement, and embezzlement and embezzlement of financial funds, especially illegal and illegal activities in the areas of poverty reduction, education, and other areas of people's livelihood. Non-tax income such as overdue payment has not been paid for a long time, and false invoices have been used to collect funds, and other efforts have been made to plug regulatory loopholes. Strengthen the management of "small treasuries" and seriously investigate the responsibilities of relevant personnel.

The fifth is to build a financial and honest cultural system that promotes integrity. This is the internal driving force for promoting a clean financial construction. Actively promote clean culture into institutions and families, and cultivate a culture of upholding integrity and combating corruption. Vigorously promote and actively implement the "real, stable and excellent" financial core value concept and "rigorous, persistent, innovative, dedicated" financial professional spirit, and internalize it into the value pursuit, professional ethics, and code of conduct of provincial financial cadres . Give full play to the positive role of financial culture in guiding cognition, improving quality, and adjusting behaviors, and enhance the cohesion, centripetal force, and combat effectiveness of the provincial financial cadre team. Strengthen the daily education and supervision of cadres, establish a working mechanism that combines forward incentives and reverse fault tolerance, and encourage the majority of financial cadres to take on new tasks in the new era.

Forming a good work structure for a clean financial construction

First, we must strengthen organizational leadership. Resolutely carry forward the political responsibility for clean financial construction, carefully study and formulate specific implementation plans, clarify work goals and specific measures, formulate annual work plans, and proceed in steps and stages. Accelerate the establishment of the working mechanism of "the party group (party committee) secretary personally grasps and manages the specific leadership of the leadership, the division (department), and the unit and the unit", and forms a joint effort.

Second, we must implement the main responsibility. Leading groups of financial departments at all levels throughout the province bear overall leadership responsibility for clean financial construction within their scope of responsibility. The party group (party committee) secretary is the first person responsible for clean financial construction and is responsible for clean financial construction within their scope of responsibility; other members of the party group According to the division of work, he has direct leadership responsibility for the construction of a clean and honest finance within the scope of his duties.

Third, we must strengthen supervision and evaluation. Incorporating clean financial construction into the annual work evaluation system, and the results of the evaluation serve as an important basis for the year-end evaluation and inspection of the appointment of cadres. The Provincial Department of Finance further strengthened the guidance and inspection of the province's clean government construction.

Fourth, we must strive for practical results. Incorporating the requirements of clean fiscal construction into the entire financial business process is an important measure to promote fiscal reform, solve key problems, and promote fiscal integrity. Focusing on the requirements of clean financial construction, we will refine the work content, grasp the specific implementation, pay attention to the actual results of work, and ensure that the construction of clean financial construction progresses in a solid and orderly manner. (The author is the director of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance)

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