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Lovers in the banana forest

Author: Ning Road Source: China Financial and Economic News Published: 2019-12-09

In the red sunset, a girl of the Qiang nationality with long hair and colorful dress came from the village opposite the river. It turned out that there was a handsome guy waiting for her in the banana forest by the river. The girl pounced playfully on the guy, and pinched his neck. They hug each other, affectionate, sweet words.

They are young children of Zhai Lianzhai who have been in love for many years. She will not marry him, and he will not marry her. This piece of banana forest is the place where they date. The mystery and coolness of the banana forest adds a strong sweetness to their love.

The girl tapped on a banana leaf and said to the young man, "The general's son came to pester her again." The boy deliberately teased her and said, just marry him, his family is rich and powerful. The girl punched the guy fiercely and said angrily that she liked him and also "here". The girl also said that her parents asked him to be a son-in-law, or she would marry the son of a "general." The boy solemnly told her that he was not allowed to marry the son of the "general" and marry "here". He didn't want to be a son-in-law. The girl said that she married "this way", and her father and mother had no pension and no medical expenses. How could they live? The guy said, what should I do? Both the girl and the guy knew that if he didn't become a son-in-law, her parents would let her marry the son of a "general." Her parents chose to "rely on", and they were silent for a while.

They say "the other side" is one of China's neighbors; they say "this side" is China, and the girl marries "this side". Here are government pensions, medical insurance, dazzling goods, houses like houses, and tranquility. Despite this, the girl's parents were reluctant to let the girl leave their poor village and bamboo house. The girl cares about her parents and doesn't know what to do. Until they have to face the marriage, they are still upset about it. But they have recently learned that "this side" is going to provide medical insurance for everyone in Zhaizi. If her parents come to "this side", they will have no trouble seeing a doctor in the future. Originally, her family village and his family village belonged to this side a long time ago, but later they divided the two villages into two countries based on this small river ditch. It turned out that her house was "over there" richer, but now "this side" is richer than "over there". The rich "this side" did not forget the "over there" village with the same roots and the same tree. Thinking of this good thing, they soon had an idea before they had an idea.

The two came up with an excellent solution, and they said it at the same time: Let the second old man move to "this side" and live with them. Such a tacit understanding can only be found in loved ones. Whether the guy went to "there" or the girl married "there", such a big problem was solved in a few seconds. A very happy girl, sending a tender kiss to the guy.

The girl's kiss "irritated" the puppy on the ditch bank, and the puppy yelled at the girl and the guy "Wang Wang". The girl said to the guy that her family "wangwang" came to call her, and she should go home. She went back home. There is a small river behind the guy, divided into two, one country and half, after crossing the river is a foreign country. The young man fell in love with the girl across the river, and this girl was going to marry the second old man to the Chinese guy in the village. This evening time is really wonderful, it seems that it fulfills the beauty of a pair of lovers.

After returning home, the girl excitedly told her parents that they would marry her with her. She thought the second wife would be happy, but her parents shook her head. Father and mother said, marry the "general" son. Marry his son, they have all the old-age care. Besides, whoever marries a girl also marries her parents! The girl said that it was not peaceful here. She lacked food and drank. The son of the "general" is not rare. Let her pass by. Father and mother said, so much shame! The girl cried. Father and mother can't convince their daughter whether to marry a "general" son. The daughter and parents have been deadlocked for several days. In the end, her father said that the conditions on the other side of the river are also good, and the government grants a lot of subsidies to border people every year. You can marry it. We are old, and after all it is a burden. After you have a good life, we are also happy about our hardships.

The girl got married. Pass through the banana forest of "there" and the banana forest of "there"; from the thatched cottage bamboo shed to the villa-style building of "there".

The girl lived in the small building, but the filial girl still had sorrow in her heart and missed her parents. The young man knew the girl's mind and went to be a "lobbyist" himself. Move with affection, saying that the girl understands filial piety and is cordial; she understands that the policy of "here" is good for peace of mind. The old man was finally moved and agreed to move in. The young couple turned the hukou of the old couple and made the old couple "there". The old couple knew it, and they couldn't help it.

Still under the banana tree by the river, the guy and the girl often date. They are the lovers walking out of the banana forest, they enjoy the sweetness of love. She was happy, and he was proud of it. She is happy to marry him, he is happy to marry her and proud to live "this way".

Behind him is Ruili, Yunnan, and everyone's garden. Everyone's garden is large, crowded, wealthy, and beautiful. Whenever I think of this, the guy feels that his back is always warm.

(Ning Xinlu, essayist, novelist. Author of 15 novels and prose collections. The long essay won the first prize of the 26th China News Awards. The work won dozens of awards, including the Bingxin Prose Award. Former Armed Police Force The director of the Propaganda and Culture Department of the General Hospital's Political Department, transferred to the Ministry of Finance in 2001, and worked for China Finance and Economics, the chief editor of "Financial Literature." Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Prose Literature Association and a member of the Chinese Writers Association.

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