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Moxibustion Siyang (group poem)

Author: Yang triple Source: China Financial and Economic News Published: 2019-12-09

Rubbing into the years,

With the light of the patriarch's wisdom,

The fragrance is scattered in the night sky,

Settle the tenderness between your fingers,

There is a scent of medicine flowing.

The aroma drifts into your heart,

Flowing in Zusanli in the red dust gap, igniting Hegu in the fingers,

Keeping up with Yang Qi,

Abandoned the cold and cold,

Nostalgia for Baihui,

The bustling righteousness.

The moxibustion wind blows the cold dreams of cold autumn,

Shattered the navel for a round of yin and yang, and merged into the silk river stream to walk the perineum valley road, Zemingmen

Into Dazhui,


Shennong hand moxibustion to open the occipital bone,

Access to the Yellow River and Yangtze River,

A ray of haze drifted away,

Essence erupted in my heart.

Yinyang Five Elements Tibetan Elephant Studies,

Yongquan came out of the dark river,

Jie Xi is set to be the capital,

Sanyin reproductive reproduction.

Covering vast land,

Cosmic life is endless,

The aromatherapy Canghai was for another life.

Filled the red dust for the flower season,

Rendering a glorious dawn!


Snow fell north without words,

You can't see the rice fields in Lishang.

The sloping soil here,

It's a drunkard.

I slept for more than 8,000 years,

Hu Hu sings the wind and rain on the ancient road,

The glitz of the Weihe River infiltrating the earth, hiding in the waves that are gone

Gao Kangwu is overwhelmed with water,

In a Qin cavity, I met Hong Yan Zhuan Fanghua.

Years of dreams,

Already indifferent,

I do n’t know for whom I lost my head,

Eachother in the air,

Shocking smoke from the valley.

The shepherd boy plays the flute,

Sunset ink on the back of a cow,

Impenetrable sea and mulberry fields,

With whom to count sleepless nights.

The wind, the rain, the years passing,

But can't wash away the thoughts of the sea.

Chinese Story

The roar of the earth smashed the foul chains,

A vicissitudes of dragon propped up the backbone of the nation.

With a sickle axe stained with red blood,

The promenade that shook history.

Proud to stand in the east with a majestic voice,

Exaggerate an ancient nation.

The rooster that awakens dawn sings a dream,

In the west of the desert sun,

Strokes of the pictographic oracle,

Bronze He Zun's mark,

Beacon stands,

Millennium City Brick,

Telling the excitement of Huaxia children.

Converging into the Yangtze River,

The twists and turns of the Yellow River boil,

Washing meridians and blood.

At the ancient road crossing Watanabe,

On the land of China,

Forged a new Great Wall,

There are beautiful and moving myths.

Northwest Wolf

Walking through the ferry of Liuli, I wandered in the world,

Standing on a dark cliff,

With moon long Xiao,

Wings generated for dreams,

Coming from the northwest to the east.

Indulge the soul in the distance,

Dodge the shotgun.

I have no intention of breaking into your heaven,

You look up,

I see your faithfulness.

Gentle licking the blood on my body,

I lie beside you to watch.

Put away the prickly fangs,

Strive to support the power of life.

In return for the stubbornness of your life,

For you to drift away from the wolves, I am not afraid of desolation with you.

Looking at your sleeping smiley,

Entered the hunting ground again.

I am a northwest wolf,

Walk through the deserted mountains.

The stern cold wind can't stop the love from sailing, the high-pitched howling echoes in the valley, taking you to wander

I'm a wolf from the northwest,

Park on the grassland of your heart.

Dream search

Winter snow

Melting in the willow branches in spring,

The dream of my heart flutters in the clouds,

Your face blurs with the years,

In a dream, you walk in a familiar place, and today's sunshine imprints yesterday's story. That blue sky,

Floating your face,

The catkins fly around your long hair,

Draw a dream of spring.

The smoke from your home is waiting for you to sigh and sleep alone, calling your name into your heart. The rain-sealed tears extinguished the dust and smoke in the cycle, thinking about it,

North Head,


The butterfly falls Zhu Yan.

Don't let melancholy stay in the air,

Let Chun Runze your gentle life, my lover ...

Distant departure,

Talks that can't erase memories,

Revisiting your old love words,

Arousing the floral fragrance of the soul.

Recalling the moonlight in Acacia,

Sadness faded,

Remember that your face is archived in the clouds, and the reeds that yearn for Hongyan in the cang dreams are swinging.

Autumn soul


I raced in the bleak autumn wind,

The leaves on the ground are lonely yellow,

The cool wind is blowing at the residual flowers along the way,

Feeling non-stop stepping,

An enchanting season.

The pain in my heart deteriorates in frustration,

Bitter wine,

Brewed sweet shore.

The end of the road is still the road,

Suddenly looking up,

The wild goose flew under the clouds,


Felt in my heart,

The gathering of power is a ray of hope,

Break through the thorns and puppets.

Face frustration with smiling wings,

Overcome loneliness and defeat.

Fade the dusty heart from greed,

Let the heart of tolerance return to the vast grasslands.

(Triple Yang, Dean of Zhengqin Hospital, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, Chairman of Beijing Beishouling Health Technology Development Co., Ltd., a well-known expert in Chinese medicine. Nationally registered Chinese medicine practitioner. Won several national invention patents. Nine generations of Chinese medicine family . Author of the novel "Beijing Ridge", telling the story of the ancestors 8000 years ago.)

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