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Unforgettable nostalgia

Author: Taochuan You Source: China Financial and Economic News Published: 2019-12-09

The bright five-star red flag is dazzling, and the solemn and bright national emblem flashes. I was holding a heavy "Memorial of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China" and the "Sixth National Model of National Unity and Progress Individual" medal issued by the State Council. At that moment, two years of work scenes in Guangxi Zhuang Township, drought relief, poverty alleviation, and poverty alleviation came to mind; at that moment, scenes of people of all ethnic groups in the old district of Hechi struggling to unite, build water and fight drought, and build roads and bridges constantly; at that moment, with me The brotherhood of ethnic minorities who joined hands and stood close to each other is vivid ...

The next night when I arrived around the river, the leaders of the Finance Bureau and I took a walk in the yard of the county government. The setting sun covered the yard with a layer of orange veil, which gave people infinite warmth. At this time, a middle-aged man came forward, with a medium build and a smile. After the leaders of the Finance Bureau introduced us to each other, I learned that he was Wei Mingfang, the deputy county magistrate in charge of financial affairs, so we started talking. This meeting was also a coincidence, and I was also looking for the deputy county head in charge of financial affairs to understand the situation. Since our dormitory was on the same floor, we logically became "neighbors", and the friendship between the Han and Zhuang brothers began here.

I'm a northerner who likes to eat pasta, but the southern variety is scarce, so I often eat below myself, and Wei Mingfang often comes to my room to eat together. Egg noodles, sauerkraut noodles, shiitake mushroom noodles ... a normal noodle, I can always change the way to make a lot of flavor. We often eat and talk. I introduce him to the latest situation, cutting-edge knowledge, and people-friendly policies; he introduces me to local customs, industry development, and ethnic customs, and answers my questions and answers about my on-the-job life. Ideas. Our friendship is enriched and sublimated in this simple and sincere atmosphere.

Wei Mingfang and I agreed to conduct an in-depth investigation to find a new way for economic development. The local ethnic masses said frankly: "The main reason why they are poor is because of weak water conservancy infrastructure, and because there is little" perspective field "per capita, so they cannot achieve high food and stable production. There is also the natural environment, Restricted by traffic conditions, farmers' education level is generally low, which prevents them from gaining an advantage in the competition of the market economy. Therefore, poverty is passed on from generation to generation. After learning about the real situation of the people, we reported to the relevant authorities at higher levels. The department actively "feeds back" and gives great support, and the agricultural infrastructure construction has been effectively strengthened.

During a chat, Wei Mingfang told me the story of a Zhuang family. In the past, after the daughter of the strong family got married, they would bring some rice grains to their parents' homes to support their parents on the first or fifteenth day of the new year. This custom later extended to children who are away from home, and they must follow it whenever they want. After I heard it, I kept it in my heart. Every year on this day, I bought a little rice and asked Wei Mingfang to bring it to his mother. Especially this year, Wei Mingfang went to Beijing for a business trip. I asked him to bring back some rice, and he wanted to refuse. I said, "It's not for you, it's for your old people." He accepted and said affectionately, "It is such a deep concern between the elderly Zhuang mother and the Han son who lives in the distance. Shou! "

This pile of stories is a true portrayal from acquaintance and acquaintance to full trust and cooperation. It is also a true reflection of each other's sincere simplicity and deep friendship between the strong brothers of the Han nationality. The true expression of "forever brotherhood"!

In April 2011, after I was the assistant to the mayor of the People ’s Government of Hechi City, due to the expansion of the scope of work, the municipal committee decided to send me a staff member who is familiar with the local situation to assist me. This staff member is Long Chaozhuang of the Organization Department of Hechi Municipal Committee. . As a reporter, he is very concerned about the production and life of local people of all ethnic groups. He has strong responsibilities, professionalism and rich experience. When Long Chaozhuang and I investigated in Poxin Village, Paoli Township, Fengya County, and Pingya Village, Zhaiya Township, the masses reported that the small river in front of the village often skyrocketed during the flood season, and villagers' labor production and children's schooling were blocked, restricting economic and social development . With the voices and expectations of the ethnic masses, Long Chaozhuang and I took photos, videos and reports and reported to the Finance Department of the Autonomous Region, and received funds for bridge construction and rural road subsidies. After the completion of the North Bridge in Dacai Township of Huanjiang County and the Pingya Bridge in Zhaiya Township of Fengshan County, the production, living and travel conditions of the masses have greatly improved, and the national masses have praised them. After we won the support of the superiors, Long Chaozhuang proactively helped the counties to purchase equipment and strictly controlled. At this moment, our hearts are always sweet, and since then we have formed a deep and innocent relationship with each other.

Due to the constant media reports, my on-the-job work has attracted wide attention from all walks of life. Comrade Huang Lei, who was working in the Organization Department of the Hechi Municipal Party Committee at that time, fully affirmed my achievements and we maintained a good relationship. Huang Lei's family is in Lalitun, Poxin Village, Paoli Township, Fengshan County. When I went to Fengshan for investigation in November 2011, he invited me to his parents' home. He attached great importance to my cadre from afar. As good friends, we had a great time chatting. Since it was a trip to the countryside, I visited Poxin Village, and the men, women, and children in the village were very enthusiastic.

"Those who know the house leak are in the space, and those who know the government are in the grass field." This is the recognition of the ethnic cadres and the masses on my job. In 2013, after returning from my job, I returned to my original work. Huang Lei also wrote a review article, "People have a steelyard in mind," and published Hechi Daily to introduce my deeds. He said in the article: "Can't help but be touched by the passionate, down-to-earth, and dedication of the people, and also set a shining banner for us to practice the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. He is an example for our party members and cadres to learn; The old district serves as a stage for serving the ethnic masses, and it is an intensive effort to satisfy the ethnic masses. This kind of executive power is a model for our party members and cadres to learn; Only then can the advanced nature of Communist Party members be put into effect and the party's image be established in the minds of the people. "

I know this is my encouragement and encouragement, and I also feel that this is the innocent friendship between the national brothers. In 2018, when the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region was recommended to support the selection of advanced model people in Guangxi, Huang Lei contacted me for the first time, and later told me that during the selection process, I believe that among these cadres supporting Guangxi , In the end, I think you are the most suitable, right, and deserved. The vast number of cadres and ethnic people in Hechi City have deep feelings for you and will never forget them ... In the end, I was awarded the honorable title of "Bagui Advanced Person" who supports Guangxi's economic and social development and construction. I am so honored to receive such an honor.

Huang Keyun just took the post of director of the Hechi Citizens Committee in May 2011. He was deeply moved when he learned that I had done many practical things, done a lot of good things, and solved some difficult things for the ethnic masses in the old revolutionary areas in my job. In order to make me familiar with the work of national unity as soon as possible, he accompanied me to the ethnic villages to investigate and we accumulated a lot of first-hand information. Starting from the cause of national unity, we urgently need to obtain project funds. Together we reported to the National Civil Affairs Commission and won more than one million funds. We bought computers, cameras, cameras and other equipment to the county civil affairs commissions, which provided a guarantee for the promotion of national unity. . To develop in ethnic regions, we must broaden our horizons, broaden our thinking, and change our concepts. We must improve the quality and capabilities of ethnic cadres. In September 2011, a special training course for the capacity building of leading cadres in Hechi City was held at the Central Institute of Nationalities Cadres, and 63 new young cadres of 8 nationalities from 11 counties and cities rushed to Beijing, which shows that the capacity of national cadres is constantly improving. Huang Keyun was very concerned about my achievements in caring for the ethnic masses, caring for the ethnic masses, uniting the ethnic masses, helping the ethnic masses, etc. At the report meeting of the Ministry of Finance cadre inspection team to Hechi's investigation and on-the-job job, Huang Keyun said affirmatively: "Tao Passing friendship is Hechi, who has worked tirelessly for the cause of national unity, and has done a lot of fruitful work for the sustainable development of ethnic areas, which can be called a model of public servants. "

Recalling that in May 2010, in order to support drought relief and post-disaster economic and social construction in the drought-stricken areas in southwestern Yunnan, Guizhou, and Guizhou, I, as a cadre selected by the Central Organization Department and the Ministry of Finance, worked with the Zhuang brothers Wei Mingfang, Long Chaozhuang, Huang Lei, Huang Keyun and others forged a deep friendship, and now in retrospect, I still remember it for life.

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