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You have a letter from afar

Author: Huang Yuliang Source: China Financial and Economic News Published: 2019-12-09

It's great to have a letter from afar!

Letters were once an important carrier for people to exchange ideas, communicate information, and communicate feelings. In the long river of history, it has performed countless beautiful stories and left many popular allusions ...


According to ancient books, in the era of Buddhism in Yao and Shun, there were officials specializing in communications. They used to call the postal postal post, postal post, or post. By the Zhou Dynasty, the means of postal communication were quite complete and quite diverse. Zhou Youwang's concubine "Football Husbands" reflected from another aspect that the "sound and light" transmission of information had been maturely used at that time.

After the Xiongnu detained the envoy of the Han dynasty Su Wu, she was exiled in the Beihai Shepherd. He told the Han that Su Wu was dead. The known Han envoy said tactfully: The emperor shot a wild goose in Shanglin Garden, and the goose was tied with Su Wu Help Letter in Beihai! The saying of "Hongyan Biography" has since been spread as a good story, and Hongyan has become synonymous with the messenger.

The Blue Bird Biography said that the western goddess West Queen Mother sent a blue bird as an ambassador, and sent her letter to Emperor Hanwu all the way to the Chenghua Hall of the Han Palace. "Blue Bird" became another name for the messenger of communication. Such myths and legends reflect the difficulties of ancient folk communication from the other side. Illusions are entrusted to birds and animals to convey information to express thoughts and good wishes. In the early Jin Dynasty, Nanji ’s great poet Lu Ji ’s dog “Yellow Ear” traveled between Luoyang and Jiangnan as a messenger, and the story of “Kite Communication” with Liang Shi in the Southern Dynasty reflected this status quo.

The gold plaque of the Song dynasty, a type of communication voucher. Zhu Qi engraved the gold book with the imperial characters written on it. The anti-golden hero Yue Fei was killed by the tragic twelve of these "expedited instruments" gold medals, recovered from the front line in a good situation.

In the Ming Dynasty, noble officials and relatives traveled for business, smuggled and trafficked, and used public money for private and public money consumption in official posts, which became a huge financial burden for the Ming Dynasty. Today's Luochuan County is also a post station before the 33rd year of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty (1768 AD). There was a small rammed Tucheng city, and the military and state information from Guanwei Chang'an to Yubei in the North passed through.

For quite a long time in the ancient times, running horses galloped on the loess post, flying horses spreading books, changing horses without changing people, non-stop day and night, over mountains and rivers, wading all the way ...


The old saying: "Tear two lines of tears first, open a book of thousands of miles", which makes people realize the euphemism of missing, "The fire continues for three months, and the family book reaches ten thousand dollars." It also makes people taste the sadness of parting ...

"The guest came from afar, and sent me a book, saying that I am in love with each other, leaving a long time to leave, leaving the book in his sleeves, and the three-year-old word is not extinct ..." Through the curtain of the years, people saw the pain and loyalty of parting !! Due to the popularity of the letter, there were some big reds and even big yellow Tengda people. Many people were convicted of the letter and detained in high hats to show the crowd.

The first person to invent and use correspondence was great.

It was him, the first to condense life and feelings onto a small letterhead, and since then, the letters and feelings have melted together forever. Some are joyous, some are sad, some are poetic, others are spread as splendid articles.

Mr. Lu Xun's Book of Two Places beat the hot emotional pulse of a generation of literary giants. "Fu Lei's Family" and Liang Qichao's letters to their children have affected several generations. Writer Liu Xinwu's novel "Sending a Letter Afar" describes three important moments in his life, longing for and anxiously waiting for the three letters of great significance.

Frontier soldiers far away from the snow mountain checkpoints, walking on the deserted Gobi and isolated islands, reading family letters is a spiritual feast for them, although the day of receiving the letter is dozens of days and months after the letter was sent. Letters filled with affectionate letters from people in my hometown, even just a few lines of words, gave the soldiers who have been in this inaccessible, barren land for a long time with great condolences. No wonder the poet Gao Hongbo said in his poem "Newlyweds to Comrades": "Even an eight-cent stamp carries too much sustenance ..."

In the Han Dynasty, two well-known letters, "Ling Ling Su Su Wu Shu", "Knowing the Others, Knowing Your Guidance", and Sima Qian's "Report to the Family", and "Man died inherently or died more than Mount Tai, or lighter than Hong Mao" "Both of these articles have been included in" Guan Wen Guan Zhi "and have become ancient famous sentences, widely quoted!

In addition, Ji Xiaolan, a wise man of the Qing Dynasty, sent red dates and tea to his in-laws. The in-laws immediately understood that the emperor was coming to check his home, so he should prepare as soon as possible! Later, the treacherous person accused Ji Xiaolan of suspecting of ventilating the letter. Ji Dayan Yangui denied it, and the emperor was also dubious.

The shortest two letters in the world didn't even write a word, but both sides knew it well. It was the great writer Hugo who wrote "The Misery World" and mailed the manuscript to the publisher. Only a big question mark was drawn on the stationery. The editor who received the letter also understood it. In return, he wrote a big exclamation mark. The two letters without a word made a good story in the history of communication.

There are also flying pigeons sending letters, drifting bottles to convey messages, and tens of thousands of words written in letters.

Until 1994, that year, the country's first national exam, the composition of the college entrance examination was a letter: a letter to the Chinese women's volleyball team!


In the twentieth century, letters moved rapidly in the sky, land, and ocean, stirring up the situation in Zhou Tian. There is a certain formula for writing letters to others. When you raise your head, you should write it in the top box. You should use the title of respect for the elders and elders. Even the folded letter is exquisite, these are the most basic common sense.

I have received the first print of "The Genius Ruler" published by the Shanghai Bookstore in the 7th year of the Republic of China. It is a compilation of various communications by the great talents Jin Shengtan and Chen Meigong. Most of them are written in correspondence with the following friends in different seasons. The text is timeless and exquisite. Put it down!

The modern people are not so particular about the letter text, focusing on convenience, conciseness and accuracy, with words long, words without short. Of course, sometimes it depends on who writes to whom, and under what circumstances, what is said.

Personal communications, like personal diaries, are very private and are protected by law in foreign countries. In China, although there are no clear legal provisions, people know that it is immoral to privately peep and peep at other people's letters and commit the crime of "squinting" as a moral constraint.

This old and traditional way of showing love, "handing a note", was widely popular by young boys and girls. It was a few lines or even a few minutes after a long time of thinking, thinking many times, and making countless determinations. A few words, there are thousands of words of huge articles in search of the intestines and stomachs, racking their brains and wishing to use the world's moving words! In contrast, the regular, block-shaped lead characters typed by later computers, although well-formed and neat, seemed to be stiff and cold, lacking some spirituality compared to handwriting.

The folk songs of ethnic minorities have touched countless people, but looking at folk folk songs, most of them are love songs, and the popular spread of hair buns is in remote and closed mountainous areas. The local terrain is magnificent, the culture is backward, and there are not many literate people. "You can talk across the mountains and meet each other for a long time." Writing love letters in pen is not convenient and delivery is difficult. As a result, young men and women across the mountains and rivers, in the clouds and fog, are full of shadows. I can't hear anyone, and there is less embarrassment and shyness in expressing love in person face to face, expressing love through songs, and passing along the wind, which shows both wit, cleverness, and avoiding embarrassment. Therefore, it can also be said that love songs, in fact, are the simultaneous spoken expressions of love letters passed along with the wind, and are a kind of sound correspondence!

(Huang Yuliang, a native of Xuchang, Henan, works for the Finance Bureau of Luochuan County, Shaanxi Province. Since 1983, many poems, essays, and essays have been published in national and provincial newspapers. In 2011, he participated in the Ministry of Finance essay and won the first prize.

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