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Poetic Yanbian

Author: Gu Guoxiang Source: China Financial and Economic News Published: 2019-12-09

The time is too short to take a closer look; the steps are too hurried, and it is too late to stop and stop mutual complaints. Tonight, I went back to the crowded place, listening to the roar of vehicles outside the window, but my heart went back to Yanbian again and again-the place where poetry and soul settled.

Without this trip to Yanbian in the "Chinese and Foreign Writers' Exchange Camp", I don't know if, in this life, my own feet will ever set foot on this horrible place where crops, trees, heroes grow, and poetry. If I missed it, I missed not only the distance, but also poetry, but also a warm and different kind of emotional experience.

"Year goes with the time, meaning goes with the day ..." After spending a long time in the reinforced concrete city, the will is waning, the mind is drying up, the vision is getting narrower, and the writing is drying up. With a heavy body, with a tired soul, with heavy clothing and a lost heart, he walked to Yanbian. When I walked out of the airport, I saw Yanji ’s capital Yanji at first glance. There was no amazing feeling. Except for the place name, road name, and shop name in Chinese and Korean, the national characteristics of urban architecture were not obvious. The only thing that surprised me was the temperature, which was not as cold as imagined.

However, after attending the "First Korean Poetry Festival" and looking at the city again, I suddenly felt different. The so-called beauty is not in the skin, so is the beauty of Yanbian, not in appearance, but in the bones. In this era of growing industry and commerce, the roar of machines, the hustle and bustle of markets and the clamor of overwhelming everything overwhelm us, leaving us almost deaf, and it is difficult to hear the sound of the sounds of frogs. Poetry has also withdrawn from the lives of most people, and has drifted away. Unexpectedly, in this small border town, poetry, not only did not decline, but still flourished and flourished.

Amazing, shocking, unexpected ... It's hard to find a word that can accurately describe the brand-new feeling that comes to me after watching the poem recitation party of "Beautiful China, Fresh to Yanbian". Like a sledgehammer, it wakes up my sleeping soul; Like a beam of light that illuminates my drowsy life; Like a window facing the wilderness, makes my field of vision instantly broad. Sitting in the auditorium and listening, I suddenly realized that I was like a piece of land that suddenly awakened from winter to spring. The snow had disappeared, the grass was green, and the flowers had bloomed ... all this came down to one word: "fresh". This "freshness", like the enlightenment, stimulated my taste buds, opened up my senses, and activated my spirituality. Those who are asleep are awakened; those who are cooled are boiling again. Those who have long been perched, fly again. In the body and soul, an indescribable emotion rushed to the west, the waves were rough.

In Yanbian, from the official to the folk, poetry recitation has become a fashion. In this age of materialism, it is impossible to imagine such a existence without Yanbian. In this recital, they used sound, light and dance, and the whole stage was gorgeous, and poetry became a visual art. Of course, it's not these that really shocked and moved me, but their love and persistence in poetry. In such an era, how can you still adhere to this poetic heart, poetry, and poetry, and oppose industrial and commercial civilization? How rare is it?

Perhaps because of poetry, leaving the theater, taking a bus back, and looking at Yanji outside the window again, suddenly it felt different. Yanji after the rain seemed more and more clean. The bus traveled along Maoershan Forest Park to see the colorful mountains and forests. Some people cannot help asking, is this season the most beautiful time in Yanbian? The answer is no. Yanbian has always been beautiful, but her beauty is different in different seasons. In spring, tens of thousands of acres of pear blossoms are in bloom. How beautiful is that? In the early summer, how magnificent was Jindalai opening all over the mountain? In winter, thousands of miles are frozen, thousands of miles of snow drift, and the whole world is covered with silver. How enchanting? "It's always better to make Xihu better than Xizi, with heavy makeup." Yanbian is not Xizi, not so restrained and graceful. Yanbian is more like the daughter of a borderland. She is warm and beautiful. It is also like the poems of Korean poets. The affection is sincere and enthusiastic. It is not like Liu Yong's "Yangliu An Xiaofeng Residual Moon", but also Su Dongpo's "Going to the East of the River".

Holderlin had a poem called "Human, Poetic Living", and later explained by philosopher Heidegger, "Poetic living on the earth" has become the common yearning of almost everyone. I suddenly thought that the poetic habitat should be like Yanbian? In this place where you can see the Three Kingdoms, there are mountains and greens, and waters and greens. Not only are the beautiful scenery of the four seasons, the summer temperatures are pleasant, but also the tranquility and quietness are recognized throughout the country as "natural oxygen bar" and "ecological back garden". I really envy the people who live here. They truly live our poetry and the distance.

That night, I couldn't sleep for a long time. Tomorrow, I'm leaving Yanbian. I haven't really had time to look around. The eight famous Yanbian scenes have never been tasted; the famous special snacks have not been tasted; the only Korean folk music and dance that has been listed in the "non-heritage list of human beings" in China has not been appreciated ... the heart is full of nostalgia and nostalgia Shed.

Standing in front of the window, watching the lights of Wanjia outside the window, I thought of a poem by Haizi. He wrote in this poem: "Sister, I'm in Delingha tonight / This is a desolate city in the rain / except those passing and living / Delingha ... Tonight / This is the only one, the last , Lyric / this is the only one, the last, grassland ... "Tonight, I'm in Yanbian, the drizzle is falling, but the city is not desolate. I firmly believe that this is not the only final lyric, nor is it the only last Yanbian. Yanbian, I'm still by your side tonight and I've started to miss it.

I also know that poetic habitation is not completely far away, and of course not only in Yanbian. As long as you maintain the innocence and innocence in your heart, and never forget a poetic feeling, then the poetic habitat is not far away, it is near you. However, this trip to Yanbian has pointed out the path for me to live poetically.

Just this evening, I met Yanbian. Maybe I can't buy a house in Yanbian, but one day, I will definitely return to you, slow down, and feel the mountains and rivers of Yanbian like a real poet. Yanbian, you have been like a poetic seed, planting poetry and distant places in my heart.

I returned early the next morning, and wanted to take a closer look at Yanbian. Unexpectedly, it was covered by heavy fog, and I could no longer see its beauty. Why, are you afraid of letting me see your sadness and tears of farewell?

Don't be sad, Yanbian, we will have a period later! (Jia Guoxiang, writer, working in the Political Work Department of the Armed Police Command Academy.)

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