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The new media of China Financial News, always by your side

Source: China Business News Release time: 2016-01-04

Maybe you have paid attention to us, maybe you have n’t had time, but we have been paying attention to you, paying attention to your needs: timely knowledge and insights on major financial news, thoughts and joys outside work.

You may be one of the 500,000 financial people in the country, or one of the tens of millions of readers who care about and care about finances.

It is the new media that builds the bridge between you and me.

In recent years, the new media "family" of China Financial News has grown from scratch, from small to large, and has grown stronger. Currently, there are official Weibos, including Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo; official WeChat, namely China Finance News WeChat And national PPP WeChat; official website, namely China Finance News.

At present, the scale of China's fiscal revenue and expenditure has risen to about 15 trillion yuan per year. Counting on the head of each Chinese person, the per capita financial strength exceeds 10,000 yuan. With the continuous improvement of the modern financial system, such huge amounts of funds have flowed continuously between tens of millions of enterprises, households, personal wallets and the treasury, becoming the deepest force to promote China's great rejuvenation.

No matter whether you live in a temple or live in a rural area, eat in Jinyi, or eat rice with coarse tea, you are closely connected with the fate of the state's finances.

Xi Zhe has said that finance is the nerve of the country. As a new media in the financial field, letting you truly feel the warmth and power contained in this sentence, and to witness the growth of China's finances together is our goal and honor.

China Financial News Agency New Media Department

January 1, 2016


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