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China Financial News Agency is a public institution under the Ministry of Finance. The newspaper currently has three print media, China Finance and Economics, China Accounting News, and China Government Procurement News, as well as new media platforms such as the official website, Weibo, and WeChat.

"China Business News" was founded in 1991 and is hosted by the director of the Ministry of Finance. It is a comprehensive newspaper in China's financial sector. Since its inception, China Financial News has adhered to its financial, economic, social, and service-oriented readership, and has become an important carrier for readers to accurately understand and grasp national financial and taxation policies and financial and economic information. In 2013, 2015, and 2017, China Finance and Economics was rated as “Top 100 Newspapers and Magazines” for three consecutive sessions.

The "China Accounting News" was launched in July 2008. With the concept of "speaking for accountants, letting accountants speak, and talking about accountants" as a newspaper concept, it comprehensively showcases the new achievements of China's accounting reform, reports on new developments in the accounting industry, and exchanges places New accounting experience.

The "China Government Procurement News" was launched in May 2010. It is a national professional newspaper in the field of government procurement in China and a government procurement information publication media designated by the Ministry of Finance.

In November 2004, with the approval of the Information Office of the State Council, China Finance News Network was qualified to engage in publishing news business.

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