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Vice Minister Yu Weiping puts forward new requirements for comprehensive fiscal work

Author: Zhang Sinan Source: China Financial and Economic News Published: 2019-10-31

"At present, the situation at home and abroad is complex and severe, and the task of continuing to promote comprehensive fiscal work is arduous and arduous. We must seize the opportunity on the basis of a clear understanding of the situation and do a good job in overall planning for fiscal comprehensive work in the future." Yu Weiping, deputy minister of the Ministry of Finance, said at a special training class held by the Department of Education and the Center for Ganjiao Education.

It is understood that in recent years, comrades in various local financial departments and supervision bureaus have put politics first, focusing on the work of the financial center, strengthening their missions, focusing on researching their main businesses, solidly advancing reform tasks, strengthening supervision and management, and comprehensive national financial work. New progress and achievements have been made.

Yu Weiping pointed out that in the next step, comprehensive fiscal work should be carried out in accordance with the unified deployment of the ministry and party groups, to further do a good job of financial and economic situation analysis and thematic research, and to strengthen and improve fiscal macroeconomic control; ; Further develop the construction of financial information database and the application of financial big data to enhance the ability of modern fiscal governance; further improve the income distribution system and wage policies to enhance the people's sense of gain; further improve the establishment of institutions and the reform of government procurement services, and accelerate the profound role of government Change; further improve housing and land resource management policies, continue to guarantee and improve people's livelihood; further strengthen lottery management and supervision, reflect the national lottery public welfare concept and social responsibility; further expand fiscal electronic bill reform, and achieve efficient and innovative management mechanisms.

Relevant comrades from the provincial financial departments and supervision bureaus, as well as the Ministry of Taxation, Customs, Budget, Economic Construction, Administration, Politics and Law, Science and Education and Culture, Natural Resources and Ecological Environment, Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Asset Management Comrades from the relevant departments such as the Department of Finance and the Department of Finance participated in the training.

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