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Zou Jiayi Attends the 100th Development Committee Meeting

Source: Ministry of Finance websiteRelease time: 2019-10-21

19 日,世界银行集团(以下简称世行)和国际货币基金组织(以下简称基金组织)在美国华盛顿举行了第 100 届发展委员会部长级会议。 On October 19 , the World Bank Group (hereinafter referred to as the World Bank) and the International Monetary Fund (hereinafter referred to as the IMF) held the 100th Ministerial Meeting of the Development Committee in Washington, USA . Zou Jiayi, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Finance, attended the meeting and delivered a speech as the World Bank's China Deputy Director.    

The meeting pointed out that global economic growth continued to be weak, and investment and trade growth had slowed. Affected by policy uncertainties and trade tensions, the global economy is still facing downside risks. The World Bank and the IMF need to strengthen cooperation with other countries and work to increase the potential growth rate of the economy, increase the resilience to shocks, increase fiscal revenue, and policy reserves to deal with shocks. A multi-pronged approach is needed to work with borrowers and lenders to address debt vulnerability in emerging markets and low-income countries.

  The meeting affirmed the positive role of expanding trade and value chains in promoting economic growth, increasing employment, increasing productivity, and reducing poverty. The meeting encouraged the Bank to continue to work with public and private sector partners to strengthen activities that are conducive to increasing human capital output and to continuously improve the human capital index methodology. The meeting appreciated the World Bank's integration of research and analysis, policy recommendations, and other tools to promote employment and economic transformation and help member countries develop priority areas based on their national conditions. 19 期增资( IDA19 ),期待国际金融公司( IFC )增资决议能够于 2020 3 18 日前通过,鼓励各成员国持续推进国际复兴开发银行( IBRD )增资的缴款工作。 The meeting expects new and old donors to strongly support IDA19 capital increase , and the International Finance Corporation ( IFC ) capital increase resolution to be passed before March 18 , 2020 , and encourages member states to continue to promote the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development ( IBRD) ) Contributions for capital increase.

  2020 年《世界发展报告》得出的 支持以规则为基础的贸易体系对发展至关重要 ”“ 多边体系对全球价值链尤为重要 等结论, 欢迎和肯定世行在推进就业与经济转型议题方面取得的进展和承诺,鼓励世行通过制定就业与经济转型战略和行动计划推动该议题业务主流化。 Zou Jiayi said that China appreciates the conclusions of the 2020 World Development Report that supporting a rules-based trading system is essential for development ”, “the multilateral system is particularly important for global value chains , and welcomes and acknowledges the Bank ’s progress The progress and commitments made on the issue of employment and economic transformation encourage the World Bank to mainstream the business of this issue through the formulation of strategies and action plans on employment and economic transformation. IFC 增资决议,并期待与各方携手,按照伊斯坦布尔原则和利马原则,推进 2020 IBRD IFC 股权审议。 China urges the adoption of the IFC capital increase resolution as soon as possible , and looks forward to working with all parties to advance the 2020 IBRD and IFC equity review in accordance with the Istanbul and Lima principles .

70 周年。 Zou Jiayi emphasized that this year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China . 年来,中国为世界和平与繁荣作出了重要贡献。 Over the past 70 years, China has made important contributions to world peace and prosperity. China will unswervingly promote all-round opening up and promote high-quality development. 40 周年,中国愿继续深化与世行的贷款和知识合作,包括在生态环境治理和应对气候变化、优化营商环境等领域的合作。 Next year is the 40th anniversary of the cooperation between China and the World Bank . China is willing to continue to deepen its loan and knowledge cooperation with the World Bank, including cooperation in the areas of ecological environment governance, combating climate change, and optimizing the business environment. At the same time, as a responsible large developing country, China is willing to fulfill its due international responsibilities and obligations. IDA19 增资进程,并通过 一带一路 倡议、区域合作、南南合作等平台,为实现世行 双目标 和联合国 2030 年可持续发展目标作出贡献。 China will continue to actively participate in the IDA19 capital increase process, and through the " Belt and Road " initiative, regional cooperation, South-South cooperation and other platforms to contribute to the realization of the World Bank's " two goals " and the United Nations 2030 sustainable development goals.

2020 4 18 日在美国华盛顿召开。 The meeting decided that the next Ministerial Conference of the Development Committee will be held on April 18 , 2020 in Washington, USA.

· 萨义德等,应邀出席了国际开发协会专题活动并致辞。 During the meeting, Zou Jiayi also met with the President of the World Bank Malpas, Rickrovk, the Permanent Secretary of the UK Department of International Development, and Ahmed Sayed, the Vice President of the Asian Development Bank. Association special events and speeches.

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