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Shandong Province's fiscal measures to improve government procurement efficiency

Author: hole into Zhaoyun Liang Wang Gaowen Source: China Financial and Economic News Published: 2019-10-31

In recent years, Shandong Provincial Finance has explored and practiced new procurement models such as joint procurement, batch collective procurement, unified procurement and sub-signature, departmental collective procurement, and province-wide linkage to accurately merge "similar items", share procurement results in multiple dimensions, and improve government procurement concentration. To improve service quality and procurement efficiency.

The first is to explore and implement joint procurement. For the same procurement needs of multiple purchasers, guide the purchasers horizontally to achieve small-scale fast procurement with the same bid. For example, for the Shandong Province Chronicle's comprehensive service procurement, the tasks of compiling and publishing each branch will be undertaken by different units directly under the provincial government, but the basic data collation, review, drafting, proofreading, design, and printing must fully comply with the provincial journal publishing standards and be highly unified. If it is difficult to organize the procurement separately to achieve the publishing requirements, the Provincial Finance Association and the competent department in charge of the business will guide the 7 branch compilation and undertaking departments to jointly organize the implementation of procurement activities, which not only better achieves the consistency of compilation and publication, but also integrates 7 traditional procurement activities. Finished at once.

The second is to vigorously promote batch collection. Gather the general office equipment procurement needs of different purchasers, and scientifically design the transaction mechanism. By focusing on volume procurement, give play to the advantages of scale, improve the bargaining power, and achieve large-scale preferential procurement. In 2019, the original batch collection mechanism was transformed to shorten the procurement cycle and allow direct selection of products, effectively improving the procurement speed. From 2014 to 2018, a total of 9 procurement activities were completed to complete the procurement tasks of 990 million yuan and 9 items in 653 provincial budget units and some cities. Since 2019, four procurement activities have been organized, and 110 million yuan of procurement has been completed.

The third is to actively implement unified mining and sub-signature. For the internal procurement of similar projects of the same subject within the industry system, the competent department in charge of the industry organizes the procurement, and each specific procurement unit signs a contract to achieve multi-level rapid procurement within the industry or system. For example, we will implement centralized procurement of some fire-fighting vehicles and equipment that require high standards and uniform specifications in the province, build a simple and fast procurement platform for the province's fire forces, and dynamically manage the products and suppliers on the shelves. The fire brigades at all levels throughout the province provide professional, efficient, standardized and convenient equipment procurement services. At present, a total of 580 million yuan of procurement tasks have been completed.

The fourth is to actively implement the province's joint procurement. For the same type of differentiated procurement needs at all levels in the province, the competent authority will organize the supply and finalize procurement activities to determine specific products, prices and services, and the successful bidders will determine high-quality and sufficient supplier teams. Units share the use of the procurement results, sign specific procurement contracts, and achieve intensive and efficient procurement with differentiated needs at multiple budget levels. For example, the province-wide joint procurement of official vehicles is organized by the Provincial Government Affairs Bureau to complete the shortlisted purchases. According to the official vehicle configuration standards, the shortlisted vehicle brand models, prices, and services are determined. Provincial and city and county procurement units can all be selected as finalists The direct selection of vehicles in China not only implements the requirements for official vehicle management and green procurement, but also obtains more favorable prices and better services than decentralized procurement.

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