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2019 China Government Procurement Awards selection officially launched

The twelve awards pay tribute to the political reformers who have changed their dream-catchers. Among them, a series of new political campaigns have been awarded to help them overcome poverty, highlighting the "political leadership" who will win the battle against poverty.

Source: China Government Procurement News Release time: 2019-10-25

On October 21, the 2019 China Government Procurement Award "Convocation Order" was officially issued, calling for dream chasers who are working hard on the road to deepen the reform of the government procurement system, and assembled as a political and proactive force to fight hard against poverty. Decisively defeat the "political responsibility" in tackling poverty.

2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. It is a key year for building a well-off society in an all-round way and achieving the goal of the first century of struggle. It is an important year for resolutely defeating the crucial stage of poverty alleviation. The first year of the "Deepening Government Procurement System Reform Plan" reviewed and approved at the meeting.

In this year, the business environment for government procurement continued to optimize, the functions of government procurement policies such as green procurement continued to strengthen, the main role of purchasers continued to strengthen, and post-event supervision methods and methods in government procurement continued to innovate, and government procurement information construction continued to strengthen. , The government procurement administrative ruling mechanism is constantly improving ...

This year, the political personnel deeply understood the strategic plan of the Party Central Committee and actively implemented the "Deepening Government Procurement System Reform Plan" reviewed and approved by the Fifth Meeting of the Central Committee of Comprehensive Deepening Reform, always remembering that the reform can only be carried out and not completed. There must be no sigh of relief and rest, insist on solving outstanding problems in practice in deepening the reform of the government procurement system, and do a good job of government procurement in the new era ...

Faced with new historical coordinates, we especially need to go forward with reform and dream-catchers. The promulgation of the "Reform Plan for Deepening the Government Procurement System" re-positioned the development process of the government procurement industry in China, marking that the government procurement system reform has officially entered the tackling period and deep-water areas. The majestic force of the new journey of government procurement reform, the eighth opening of the China Government Procurement Awards, with the annual innovation award, excellent project award, annual person award, actual combat award, news promotion contribution award, outstanding social agency award, Buyers' favorite brand awards, excellent supplier awards, and outstanding consulting agency awards, including 9 awards, strive to find dream-catchers who have worked hard to deepen the reform of the government procurement system this year.

There is no "bystander" or "outsider" to win the battle against poverty. In recent days, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, president of the CPC Central Committee, and chairman of the Central Military Commission, made important instructions on poverty alleviation work. At present, poverty alleviation has reached the critical stage of decisive battle and victory. All localities and departments must set goals and work hard to resolutely overcome the fortress of deep poverty, make efforts to supplement the shortcomings of compulsory education, basic medical care, housing, and drinking water safety for the poor, ensure that all the rural poor escape from poverty, and join the people of the whole country into a well-off society. Effective measures must be taken to consolidate and expand the results of poverty alleviation and ensure that the high-quality battle against poverty is won with high quality. In recent years, all relevant government procurement departments have put poverty alleviation into an important position in their own work, and have made every effort to win the battle. Decisive battles have been won, and many politicians have actively joined the front line to fight poverty. In order to promote the spirit of poverty alleviation and consolidate the political strength of poverty alleviation, the 2019 China Government Procurement Award has added a series of awards for political poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation, including the implementation awards of the organization for political poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation, the outstanding contribution awards for alleviation of poverty and the political Three awards of outstanding supplier awards for helping poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation, in order to encourage more political talents to join the poverty alleviation campaign, highlighting the "political responsibility" of decisively defeating the poverty alleviation campaigns, demonstrating the strong determination and firmness of the political talents to win the poverty alleviation campaign. Confidence, resolutely overcome the last bastion of poverty alleviation.

According to the "2019 China Government Procurement Award Selection Implementation Plan", the implementation of the "Political and Aid Poverty Alleviation and Tackling Poverty Alleviation Program" is mainly targeted at procurement units, government procurement supervision departments, and procurement that have made important contributions to government procurement and assisting poverty alleviation efforts. Agents or related agencies; the outstanding contribution award of the government's contribution to poverty alleviation is mainly aimed at those who have been selected by the unit this year to serve as poverty alleviation cadres, the first secretary or the village team members, and perform their duties and perform in-depth poverty alleviation. The government procurement related workers who have accomplished the poverty alleviation tasks well and have been recognized by relevant departments; the Excellent Supplier Award for Poverty Alleviation and Poverty Alleviation, mainly rewards those who care and care for the poor with a high sense of social responsibility. A government-acclaimed government procurement supplier.

"Different from previous years, this year's selection will be further upgraded in terms of evaluation standards, and more emphasis will be placed on innovative, forward-looking, and exploratory considerations to encourage those who pursue reform dream catchers." 2019 China Government Procurement Award Expert Qi Xuanjiang, the convener of the review committee and the chief editor of the China Government Procurement News, said that the expert review committee will increase the weight of innovation when scoring, and will further enhance the "gold content" of the annual innovation award. The 10 winners that best represent the reform and innovation in government procurement throughout the year.

In addition, in this new series of awards for the promotion of poverty alleviation, the implementation of the prize for the organization of relief for poverty alleviation will give full play to the professional role of government procurement, achieve effective poverty reduction, expand influence, and gain recognition. Carry out reviews, specifically consider the promotion of government procurement to support the implementation of poverty alleviation policies, implement relevant measures, do a good job of organizational guidance, complete such major procurement projects, drive the number of poor people and increase income, expand the influence of government procurement, and spread the role of government procurement The role of tackling poverty alleviation has been affirmed by higher authorities and social recognition. The outstanding contribution of the government's efforts in poverty alleviation will be based on the evaluation of the work in the front line of poverty alleviation, the results of poverty alleviation, and the contribution to poverty alleviation in poor areas.

It is understood that the Chinese Government Procurement Award is an authoritative and credible award for the national government procurement field. It has been selected annually since 2012. The selection activities cover all levels of procurement units, procurement supervision departments, procurement agencies, suppliers, consulting service agencies, and related practitioners. They adhere to the principles of openness, fairness, and fairness, and focus on innovation, professionalism, leadership, and influence. In the aspects of power, forward-looking, driving force, service, environmental protection, etc., after the national solicitation, agency recommendation, independent declaration and other stages, the prequalification of the organizing committee was passed, and the authoritative expert review committee rigorous, fair, and in-depth evaluation. The list of winners was obtained based on the selection index system. The China Government Procurement Awards 2019 application and evaluation application phase will start on the same day. Participants and individuals can submit the application form with official seals and other materials in electronic form, such as PDF files or color digital photos, to the selection by November 5. The mailbox of the event organizing committee is The selection results will be announced from November 14 to the end of December, and the winners will be awarded in due course. Please refer to the China Government Procurement News Network ( for details of the selection activities.

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