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"Wu Jiu Pipe Gallery" promotes high-quality development in Wuhan

Source: China Business News Release time: 2019-08-15

The PPP project of the Wuhan-Kowloon Line Comprehensive Pipe Corridor Project of Jiangnan Center, Wuhan City, Hubei Province (hereinafter referred to as the “Wu Jiu Pipe Corridor Project”) is located in Wuchang District, Qingshan District, and Hongshan District of Wuhan City; the total length of the main pipeline corridor is 13.25 Kilometers, branch pipe corridors with a total length of 2.98 kilometers and 540 meters to construct a ten-lane roadway project. The section of the pipeline corridors is mainly composed of three cabins, and partially two cabins and four cabins. Upon completion, it will accommodate electricity, water supply, heat, communication and other pipelines. Construct a greenway landscape, and build an ecological and cultural corridor along the riverfront core along the Yangtze River.

This project has been included in the PPP management database of the Ministry of Finance and the list of Wuhan urban construction key projects. It is the first PPP pipeline corridor project of Wuhan municipal level. The Wujiu corridor corridor will be built with computer technology, network technology and electrical control. Technology, sensor technology, and intelligent robot technology are hardware-based high-tech smart corridors that help Wuhan build smart cities and sponge cities, and promote high-quality development of Wuhan cities. The project has been implemented for more than a year, and will run through the entire process of project management in accordance with laws and regulations, achieving the project's rapid, safe, high-quality and efficient construction goals.

After the social capital party of this project won the bid, the project implementation agency Wuhan Urban Construction Bureau, the government funder signed the "PPP project cooperation contract" on behalf of Wuhan Urban Railway Construction Investment Development Co., Ltd. "Contract of shareholders", "Articles of Association of the project" and other related contracts. After the establishment of the project company, Wuhan Urban Construction Bureau signed a PPP project contract with the project company, which laid a contractual basis for the parties to the project to operate according to law and regulations.

According to the "PPP Project Cooperation Contract", the government investor and the social investor registered and established Wuhan China Railway Wujiubei Comprehensive Pipe Gallery Construction and Operation Co., Ltd. as the construction and operation agency of the project, and established a standardized corporate governance structure. The board of directors, the board of supervisors, the party organization, and the operation and management institution have continuously improved the internal governance structure of the project company and comprehensively improved its compliance operation capabilities.

The Wujiu Project Company is not only an SPV company for the construction and operation of the Wujiu Corridor, but also a local state-owned enterprise that bears the responsibility for local infrastructure construction and carries the genes of a central SOE. The project company's investment and construction process in the Wujiu Corridor always manages and operates with the sense of mission and responsibility of state-owned enterprises, and requires the work based on the "legal and compliance" work line to fully mobilize the project in full compliance The survey, design, audit, supervision, construction and other operating systems make the project investment and construction work “in accordance with the law and compliance”, actively accept the supervision of local governments and people, and establish a “legal and compliance” corporate image, highlighting state-owned enterprises Responsibility and responsibility. The Wujiu Pipeline Project has been invested and constructed for more than a year. In strict accordance with the main line of “compliance according to law”, the investment construction of the Wujiu Pipeline has been advanced at a high starting point, high quality and high standards. The implementation of the PPP project has certain replication and demonstration effects. (PPP Center of the Ministry of Finance)

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