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Chinese Academy of Finance and Kingdee Group Promote the Comprehensive Development of Intelligent Finance

Source: China Finance News Release time: 2019-12-02

近日,中国财政科学研究院(简称财科院)与金蝶集团在京签订战略合作协议,旨在共建中国财政科学研究院“金蝶智能财务云研究所”,推动智能财务的全面发展。 Recently, the Chinese Academy of Financial Sciences (CASF) and Kingdee Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing, aiming to jointly build the "Kingdee Intelligent Finance Cloud Research Institute" of the Chinese Academy of Financial Sciences to promote the comprehensive development of intelligent finance. Liu Shangxi, president of the Chinese Academy of Financial Sciences, and Xu Shaochun, chairman and CEO of Kingdee Group, attended the signing ceremony.

"At present, artificial intelligence is rapidly developing, reshaping social and economic forms. Financial management is also moving from computerization and cloud-based to intelligent, entering a new world of intelligent financial management." Liu Shangxi said that intelligent finance is from business to The automation of the entire financial process is maximized. It is the product of the development of informationization, networking and intelligence to a certain stage, and it is also an important part of the innovation and development of government finance and financial informationization. In order to better cope with the opportunities and challenges brought by the digital economy, earnestly implement the spirit of the Ministry of Finance's document on government accounting reform and internal control construction and other related reforms, and promote the informatization and innovation development of units. Extensive contacts and repeated discussions, preparations for in-depth strategic cooperation in the fields of topic research, talent training, achievement transformation and high-end forums.

"In this strategic cooperation, Kingdee Group and the Academy of Finance and Economics will carry out in-depth cooperation and research in areas such as financial philosophy and new financial thinking, intelligent finance, digital finance, and financial big data. The institute provides technical service support, strengthens the exchange and cooperation of production, education and research, and jointly promotes the innovation and development of government finance and financial informationization. "Xu Shaochun said that Kingdee hopes to discuss new ideas and philosophy of financial management with the Academy of Finance and Sciences, and discuss together, build together, Share a new world of financial management.

It is reported that in the field of intelligent finance, the two sides will jointly establish the "Kingdee Intelligent Finance Cloud Research Institute" to promote the comprehensive development of intelligent finance and jointly create policy research, industry insights, industry reports, project cooperation, results release, talent training, and pilot projects in the financial field. Promote the integration of industry-university-research platforms. And set up a team of experts to promote the realization of intelligent and safe financial industry application pilots, and promote the actual implementation of intelligent finance.

In the field of digital finance and financial big data, carry out research on artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data technology and financial and financial business integration; actively carry out financial business integration research, and realize the digital life cycle management and dynamic monitoring of financial funds , Focus on creating "digital finance"; actively carry out the application of financial big data, promote the transition of fiscal work from "process-based" to "data-centric", and significantly improve the standardization of financial management, refined funding supervision and scientific decision-making assistance .

At the same time, we will give full play to the advantages of the resources of the expert teams of both sides and the resources of Kingdee University teachers to jointly build a training base for practical training talents, cooperate in relevant business training, and train senior professionals in the digital field with outstanding innovation ability and high quality for enterprises and society. In addition, the two sides will also hold an annual financial industry summit, release a white paper on industry insights and a blue book on finances, enhance industrial innovation capabilities, and serve the national governance system and modernization of governance capabilities.

After the strategic signing ceremony, at the invitation of the Academy of Finance, Xu Shaochun, chairman and CEO of Kingdee Group, came to the "New Knowledge University Lecture Hall" and exchanged ideas with the students of the Academy of Finance under the theme "The Way of Life Growth". Combining his own entrepreneurial story and life insights, he comprehensively elaborated what is "stopping to the best", and how contemporary college students set up the "stop to the best" ambition, how to pass the "Mind-Do-German-Things" four-part and " "Mingxinxinxin" is "stopping for the best". (Yuan Ruijuan)

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