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The 14th China CFO Conference is held in Beijing

Author: He Xinzhe Source: China Accounting News Published: 2019-04-30

由新理财杂志社主办的第十四届中国CFO大会暨2018中国CFO年度人物颁奖典礼在北京召开,围绕“穿越新周期”的主题,共同商讨如何引领企业高质量发展。 A few days ago, the 14th China CFO Conference and the 2018 China CFO Annual People's Awards Ceremony, hosted by New Financial Magazine , were held in Beijing to discuss how to lead the company's high-quality development around the theme of "crossing the new cycle".

Xu Hongcai, member of the Party Group and Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Finance, Gao Peiyong, Deputy Dean of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Director of the Institute of Economic Research, Li Yuhuan, Inspector of the Accounting Department of the Ministry of Finance, Secretary of the Party Committee and Dean of the Shanghai National Accounting Institute, Li Kuiqing, Secretary of the Party Committee of China Finance Publishing Media Group Chairman Wang Linping attended the meeting.

At present, China's economic development has fully entered a "new cycle", and its basic characteristic is to shift from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage. The Central Economic Work Conference has repeatedly proposed the need to strengthen counter-cyclical adjustments, and stressed the importance of taking advantage of important strategic opportunities to accelerate the pace of high-quality economic development in China. 话题分享。 This China CFO Conference discusses the specific implementation of high-quality development in the field of CFO work. The conference also set up topics such as "smart finance, science and technology board" that are closely related to current corporate financial management hotspots and focus .

“2018中国CFO优秀人物”、“2018中国金牌CFO”、“2018中国金牌董秘”、“2018中国管理会计创新奖”、“2018中国年度优秀财务公司” 等八个奖项 In addition, the conference also announced "2018 China CFO Person of the Year" , "2018 China CFO Outstanding Person", "2018 China Gold Medal CFO", "2018 China Gold Medal Secretary", "2018 China Management Accounting Innovation Award", Eight awards including "2018 China Outstanding Financial Company of the Year" .

体现了 中国CFO阶层的社会责任感,以及对后备力量培养的重视。 The China CFO Conference is not only a corporate financial sharing meeting, but also a CFO public welfare platform. The "New Financial CMA Management Accounting Scholarship" project that has been adhered to for many years reflects the social responsibility of China's CFO class and the importance they attach to the cultivation of reserve forces.

本届大会由品内参·知大事·内参酒特别协办、立信会计师事务所(特殊普通合伙)、华普天健会计师事务所(特殊普通合伙)、金蝶国际软件集团有限公司、大信会计师事务所(特殊普通合伙)、中兴新云·财务云、SAP Concur、唯你网、用友网络、博信诚(北京)网络科技有限公司协办。 It is reported that this session of the conference was organized by special internal referencers, major events and internal reference wines, Lixin Certified Public Accountants (Special General Partnership), Huapu Tianjian Certified Public Accountants (Special General Partnership), Kingdee International Software Group Co., Ltd., and Daxin Certified Public Accountants Office (Special General Partnership), ZTE Xinyun · Financial Cloud, SAP Concur, Vinenet, UFIDA, Boxingcheng (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd. AICPA-CIMA is the technical support, IMA and Inspur Group are the strategic support, ACCA, HKICPA, IPA AU are the supporting organizations of the forum. 政府官员、专家学者、企业CFO、金融机构、第三方机构 等在内的 700多 人参加了大会。 More than 700 people including government officials, experts and scholars, corporate CFOs, financial institutions, third-party institutions, etc. attended the conference.

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