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Management Accounting Case Contest "Enters" Campus

Author: He Xinzhe Source: China Accounting News Published: 2018-12-21

With the smooth implementation of "Made in China 2025" and the solid progress of national information network construction, the building of a new era of manufacturing power and network power has been continuously strengthened. In order to further deepen supply-side structural reforms and promote high-quality development of enterprises, it is necessary to give full play to management accounting Efficiency, helping enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency. Hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and hosted by the Capital University of Economics and Business, the Management Accounting Case Campus Classic Competition is planned and launched under this background.

Recently, the "Management and Accounting Cases for the Industrial and Information Communication Industry Campus Classics · 2018 Finals" was held in Beijing. This competition selects typical enterprise cases and is held at the Capital University of Economics and Business. "The intention is to create a working atmosphere through competitions, build an interactive platform for production, education, and research, promote the theoretical research and discipline construction of management accounting in colleges and universities, and achieve a positive interaction between theory and practice. Strengthen the training of integrated talents with industry-finance integration, "said Zhu Yongli, deputy director of the Industrial Culture Development Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Management accounting becomes a "professional bridge" for enterprises and schools

The Capital University of Economics and Business has been established for more than 60 years, and has developed into a modern, multi-disciplinary university of finance and finance that supports and co-ordinates the development of various disciplines. The School of Accounting is the only unit in Beijing that has the authority to confer a doctor of accounting degree.

Gu Fenling, Dean of the School of Accounting, Capital University of Economics and Business, said that with the continuous emergence of new technologies, a series of changes have occurred in financial management in the digital economy, especially the shift from traditional accounting to management accounting, and the demand for management accounting personnel has also intensified. College students majoring in accounting must adapt to this change and further enhance their professional competence. This competition has established a communication bridge, and through interpretation, analysis, and evaluation of management accounting issues, it promotes the interaction and common development between universities and enterprises.

Accounting is a practical discipline, especially management accounting.

Wei Qin, Vice President of Mingsuan Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. said, "Every theory and even every knowledge point learned by students in the classroom is summarized from accounting practice and finally returned to practice. , Which becomes the basis for management decision-making. And the case is just a carrier for linking theory and practice, that is, it can enable college students to go beyond the limitations of the ivory tower, to see the business environment and understand business thinking, and to get a full promotion career before entering the workplace. Opportunities for awareness and business knowledge. What's more important is to strengthen the connection and communication between future managers and enterprises. "Mingsuan Technology is a management decision maker based on the" full play of the role of management accounting in real-time monitoring of fine management of enterprises ". Provide data comparison information between the two main lines of business and finance, practice the concept of integrated financial management of industry and finance, and help students understand the profound meaning of management accounting.

6 teams advance to the finals

It is reported that Wei Qin, vice president of Mingsuan Technology, Zhang Yansheng, chief partner of KPMG Huazhen Certified Public Accountants, Lu Deming, chief financial officer of Beijing Chemical Group Corporation, Lu Guiju, chief financial officer of Beijing Rail Transit Group, and China Nuclear Industry Fund Deputy general manager Liang Wuquan, professor of Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology, Wang Zexia, etc.

"As a judge, I carefully watched the materials submitted by each participating team and did find a lot of excellent entries." Wei Qin said, whether from the professional degree, theoretical depth, innovative perspective, or team cooperation, and The interestingness of the work left a deep impression on me.

A total of 142 teams from 31 universities including Capital University of Economics and Business, Nankai University, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, University of International Business and Economics, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, and Nanjing Audit University participated in the competition. After careful review and screening by the judges, Nankai University Team 370, Capital University of Economics and Trade Teletubbies Team, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Nonstop Team, Nanjing Audit University Qingbenjia Team, Capital University of Economics and Trade Super Culture Team With the Beijing Technology and Business University Trail Blazers 6 teams entered the final.

It is commendable that among the six finalists, there are sophomore undergraduates who have just entered the accounting profession. They have gained valuable practical wealth in the study and exploration of management accounting through the competition.

Zhang Wenqi, a class of accounting from the 2017 class of Capital University of Economics and Business, said, "This competition is a rare experience for us. First of all, it has enriched the learning of practical knowledge. It took us about 4 weeks to achieve almost complete management accounting. From basic knowledge to later basic understanding. "She also said that she never thought of getting so much information from the company's annual report, and now you can find the required data by opening the report. In the process, you really understood what" "Learning endlessly", what is the unique style of management accounting.

The game was intense and intense: the game was out of style

According to the schedule, the final is divided into three parts: case display, judges' evaluation and case inquiry. During the case display and the jury's review, the six participating teams conducted on-site analysis and elaboration of the selected cases according to the order of the draws. They gave serious and rigorous answers to the questions raised by the judges' teachers. Professional knowledge, put forward their own unique opinions and suggestions on business cases, and won the praise of judges.

During the questioning session, the players from both sides had fierce questions and answers, and they continued to raise doubts in the case analysis of the other side. During the questioning process, the contestants have agile thinking, sharp questions, wise answers, and demonstrated strong professionalism.

After intense competition, the non-stop team from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics won the final championship, the Teletubbies team from Capital University of Economics and Trade won the runner-up, the Qingben beauty team from Nanjing Audit University, and Nankai University's 3750 Team, the Pioneer Team of Beijing Technology and Business University and the Super Cultural Team of the Capital University of Economics and Trade won the third prize; Zhang Wenqi of the Super Cultural Team and Qian Yibo of Team 3750 received the best player award from Teletubbies Wang Yifan of the team and Li Yiran of the non-stop team won the Most Valuable Player Award; teacher Wang Wei from Capital University of Economics and Trade and Zou Yan of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics won the best instructor award. In addition, outstanding awards and best organization awards were also awarded.

After the competition, Wang Lianqing, an investigator of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Finance, pointed out that the purpose of promoting management accounting is to improve corporate resource allocation, value creativity, and international competitiveness, empower enterprises to become stronger and better, and make better efforts to create a strong country and a strong network. The implementation of the strategy has made new contributions to building a modern economic system and promoting high-quality economic development.

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