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CCDC supports CDB in successfully issuing the first LPR floating rate policy financial bond

Source: China Finance News Network Release Time: 2019-11-29

China Financial News Network reporter He Lijuan reported on November 28 that CCDC supported CDB in issuing the first floating rate policy financial bond based on the loan market quoted interest rate (LPR). The issuance is based on 1-year LPR as the interest rate benchmark, using Dutch-style spread bidding, the bond has a 2-year term, the issue size is 3 billion yuan, and the spread is -1.35% (below 135 BP for 1-year LPR). The multiple is 9.42.

Supporting the successful issuance of floating interest rate bonds by LPR is the result of CCDC and CDB actively implementing the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and in-depth implementation of the two-way education results of the theme of “not forgetting the original intention and remembering the mission”. Linkage between bond market and credit market is an important measure to alleviate the problem of "financing difficulties". 国家核心金融基础设施 ,中央结算公司在主管部门指导下, 全力支持国家宏观调控政策实施, 长期 为中期借贷便利(MLF)、定向中期借贷便利(TMLF)、公开市场逆回购操作、央票互换操作(CBS)等多种货币政策工具提供业务和技术支持。 As the country's core financial infrastructure , under the guidance of competent authorities, CCDC fully supports the implementation of national macro-control policies, and has long-term medium-term loan facilities (MLF), targeted medium-term loan facilities (TMLF), open market reverse repurchase operations, and central bills. Various monetary policy tools such as swap operations (CBS) provide business and technical support. 中央结算公司积极响应,支持金融机构发行以LPR为基准的浮息债共计78.6亿元,并及时发布中债LPR浮息债估值,便利市场参与者定价交易。 Since the People's Bank of China announced the reform and improvement of the LPR formation mechanism, CCDC has actively responded by supporting financial institutions to issue a total of 7.86 billion yuan of floating-rate bonds based on LPR, and timely publishing the valuation of ChinaBond's LPR floating-rate bonds to facilitate market participants Pricing transactions.

CCDC relies on a comprehensive service system for the entire life cycle of bonds that is safe, efficient and professional, and actively cooperates with market participants such as China Development Bank to continue to promote business innovation. Since 2004, we have supported CDB's innovative issue of floating-rate bonds based on fixed deposit rates, repurchase market rates, and Shanghai Interbank Offered Rates, and continuously improved product sequences and issuance mechanisms. LPR浮息债创新发行将进一步丰富金融机构资产配置种类,满足投资人多元化投资需求,通过债券市场价格发现功能,助力畅通市场利率传导渠道。 The innovative issue of LPR floating-rate bonds will further diversify the types of asset allocation of financial institutions, meet the diversified investment needs of investors, and help smooth the market's interest rate transmission channel through the bond market price discovery function.

Under the guidance of the competent authority, CCDC will continue to improve its capabilities of open interconnection, cooperation and exchange, and domestic and overseas service, build an open platform for the bond market, work with all parties involved in the market, continue to promote innovation and development, and further leverage the bond market as the main financial opening. The important role of the battlefield.

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