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CCDC won the first prize of the 2018 Shanghai Financial Innovation Achievement Award

Source: China Finance News Network Release Time: 2019-11-20

China Financial News Network reporter He Lijuan reported that the 2018 Shanghai Financial Innovation Award was recently announced. The CCDC application project was awarded the first prize of the Shanghai Financial Innovation Achievement Award by the Shanghai Municipal Government, becoming the only company in recent sessions to have won the first prize twice in a row. mechanism.

This fully reflects the affirmation of the Shanghai Municipal Government and the market on CCDC's commitment to upholding the national financial infrastructure mission, supporting the Shanghai International Finance Center and the Shanghai Free Trade Pilot Zone and other national strategies. It also marks the company's pioneering development in Shanghai Opened a whole new page.

The Shanghai Financial Innovation Award is the first provincial and ministerial government award focusing on the field of financial innovation, with the original intention of promoting the construction of the Shanghai International Financial Center. It is a prominent representative of the innovation achievements of the Shanghai financial industry and a landmark award for the construction of the Shanghai International Financial Center. The award was established by the Shanghai Municipal Government in 2010. It includes the Shanghai National Financial Market Trading and Settlement Institutions, including Shanghai Stock Exchange, Foreign Exchange Trading Center, Gold Exchange, Shanghai Futures Exchange, etc. Domestic and foreign financial companies actively participated in the evaluation. Through the selection of this award, a group of outstanding and innovative financial innovation achievements has stood out and replicated and promoted throughout the country, leading the deepening reform and development transformation of the financial industry, which has great exemplary significance and leading role.

CCDC proactively undertook the national financial development strategy and comprehensively linked the construction of the Shanghai International Financial Center and the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone. In July 2015, the company established the Shanghai branch; in December 2017, the company responded to the call of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, in line with the construction of the Shanghai International Financial Center, and created cross-border issuance of corporate bonds, cross-border settlement, collateral management, and financial valuation. Value, data center and other five core functional platforms, Shanghai Branch as the company's Shanghai five major management headquarters of the overall planning and promotion. In this selection, the company's "China Bond Index Series Product Innovation and Breakthrough" project won the first prize and was highly appraised by the jury. It believed that "an index system with rich indicators, large coverage and wide use was established, reflecting multiple perspectives. The trend of the RMB bond market is of great significance to enhance the international influence and attractiveness of the Chinese bond market and enhance the pricing power of Shanghai's international financial center. "

Since the first bond index issued by CCDC in 2002, it has continuously improved its compilation level to meet market demand. Up to now, the scale of funds with ChinaBond Index as the tracking target has exceeded 200 billion yuan, accounting for about 80% of the total market share; the size of bond funds with ChinaBond Index as the performance benchmark is nearly 2 trillion, accounting for over 80%. The ChinaBond Index has become an important reference indicator for the domestic RMB bond market, and it has become the preferred tool for tracking investment targets and benchmarking performance of bonds.

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