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Enriching the Yangtze River Delta bond index innovation to help implement the integration strategy

---- ChinaBond-BoCom's 0-5 YRD Triangle Bond Optimum Index officially released

Source: China Finance News Release time: 2019-12-13

记者贺利娟报道 2019 年1 2 月1 2 日,由中央国债登记结算有限责任公司(以下称“中央结算公司”)下属中债金融估值中心有限公司(以下称“中债估值中心”)和交通银行股份有限公司(以下称“交通银行”)合作编制的“中债-交行0-5年长三角债券优选指数”在第十三届上海金融服务实体经济洽谈会暨论坛开幕式上正式发布。 China Finance News Network reporter He Lijuan reported that on December 12 , 2019 , ChinaBond Financial Valuation Center Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "ChinaBond Valuation" Value Center ") and the Bank of Communications Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" the Bank of Communications ") jointly compiled the" China Bond-BoCom 0-5 Yangtze River Delta Bonds Preferred Index "at the 13th Shanghai Financial Services Real Economy Conference and Forum Officially announced at the opening ceremony.

交通银行副行长吕家进 、中央结算公司 副总经理 刘凡出席并见证指数发布仪式,来自政府机构、金融机构、企业、媒体等百余家单位代表参加发布。 Qian Liping, inspector of the Shanghai Securities Regulatory Bureau, Ji Wenguan, executive deputy director of the Shanghai Financial Industry Association, Lu Jiajin , deputy president of the Bank of Communications , and Liu Fan , deputy general manager of CCDC attended and witnessed the index release ceremony from government agencies, financial institutions, Representatives from more than a hundred enterprises and media participated in the announcement.

0 个发行人所发行的298只债券,为银行投资提供了分散度较高的投资标的,是符合大型商业银行收益期望和风险偏好的理想业绩基准。 The “ChinaBond-BoCom Bank 0-5 YRD Bonds Preferred Index” jointly released by the Bank of Communications and the ChinaBond Valuation Center closely centered on the theme of high-quality development in the Yangtze River Delta, actively cooperated with national industrial policies, and accurately matched the Yangtze River Delta high-quality bonds The issuer selected the target of both liquidity and investment bonds, covering 298 bonds issued by 90 issuers, which provided a highly diversified investment target for bank investment, which was in line with the income expectations of large commercial banks And risk appetite. It will help to play the role of the bond market, inject incremental funds into the regional real economy, deepen the role of bond financing in promoting the real economy on a macro scale, and provide support for regional economic integration and development.

At the "Golden Fair" forum held on the same day, Niu Yurui, general manager of the ChinaBond Valuation Center, delivered a keynote speech on "the compilation of China's bond index and bond indexed investment", systematically introduced the development of China's bond index, and pointed out that in recent years The ChinaBond Index has played an active role in creating fair prices, promoting the innovation of index products, helping the implementation of national macro strategies and promoting the opening of the bond market, and put forward the need to attach great importance to the application of indexed investment concepts and the application of sustainable investment concepts. .

90 余支总指数、 6 00余支子指数,已成为表征境内人民币债券市场的重要参考指标,成为债券投资跟踪标的、业绩比较基准的首选工具。 Since the China Bond Valuation Center released the first bond index in 2002, after many years of development, it currently publishes more than 1,90 total indexes and more than 6,600 sub-indices to the market daily , which has become an important reference for the domestic RMB bond market. Indicators have become the preferred tools of bond investment tracking targets and benchmarks of performance comparison. In June of this year, in order to better serve the national development strategy of the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, the ChinaBond Valuation Center successfully released the market's first series of indicators that comprehensively characterize the bond market in the Yangtze River Delta region. Multi-dimensional characterization of the bond market operation characteristics in the Yangtze River Delta region, such as green bonds and green bonds, has become a major innovative application to promote the Yangtze River Delta's integration strategy. The "ChinaBond-BoCom Bank 0-5 YRD Bonds Preferred Index" released this time is an enrichment and supplement to the ChinaBond Yangtze River Delta Bond Index. In the future, the ChinaBond Valuation Center will continue to cultivate and improve the Yangtze River Delta bond index, expand financing channels for relevant entities, local governments, and green companies in the region, promote financial services to the real economy, and contribute to further enhancing the economic vitality of the Yangtze River Delta region.

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