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Australian PM announces mergers and shrinks government departments

Source: China Business News Release time: 2019-12-09

Australian Prime Minister Morrison recently announced measures to reform government agencies, reducing the current merger of 18 government departments to 14.

Morrison said at a press conference in Canberra that the reform will set up four new departments, including the Ministry of Education, Skills and Employment, the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Environment, and the Ministry of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications. The new department will be established on February 1 next year.

Morrison said the reform is to improve government decision-making capabilities and improve public services.

However, Morrison said that the current ministers will be in their original positions in the new department, and that there will be more than one minister in a department. For example, he said that in the newly established Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Environment, the current Minister of Agriculture, Water Resources, and Environment will all hold the original posts.

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