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Temperature and depth and strength

Zhenjiang Finance strongly supports the development of the real economy

Author: Lizhong Feng Source: Published: 2019-12-27

Newspaper reporter Li Zhongfeng reported that in recent years, Zhenjiang has deepened financial supply-side reforms, deepened government-bank-enterprise cooperation, temperature in financial services, and strong financial ecosystem maintenance, which has strongly supported the high-quality development of Zhenjiang's economy. By encouraging financial institutions to unswervingly increase their credit investment, they will actively provide high-quality and efficient financial services for the investment and construction of major projects in the region, the development of small and micro enterprises and private enterprises, and the improvement of social livelihood.

There are 136 financial institutions in Zhenjiang, including 33 banks and 40 securities companies (including sales offices). In addition, there are 99 similar financial institutions. Zhenren Han, director of Zhenjiang Financial Work Bureau, introduced that, in response to the problems of “difficult financing” and “expensive financing” for private enterprises, Zhenjiang City has issued “Several Measures for Financial Support to the Development of Private Economy”, detailing higher-level policies and launching 15 measures; supporting The "Administrative Measures for the Financial Compensation of Financial Product Risk Compensation Funds" was promulgated, and a financing assistance mechanism for private enterprises was established. Since this year, it has helped relevant enterprises coordinate financing for over RMB 200 million.

At the same time, it vigorously supports the development of inclusive finance, encourages all corporate banking institutions to formulate practical implementation plans, and focuses on the small positioning of agricultural and agricultural support, making full use of the "PBoC Microticket Link", "Central Bank Microloan Link", and small and micro enterprise revolving loans. A series of policy products to increase financial support for key areas of inclusive finance. At the end of October, the city's balance of loans for inclusive financial areas reached 28.05%, which is at the forefront of the province.

Qian Renhan said that Zhenjiang City also helps companies to go public by holding training courses for listed companies, inviting leaders of higher-level departments to come to the town for research and guidance, and to interpret the latest policies of the capital market. From January to November, there were 61 new listed companies in the city, and a total of 345 listed companies, including 19 listed companies on the main board (13 in China, the province ranked sixth, with a total market value of 74.085 billion yuan). The newly increased stock financing was 3.403 billion yuan, an increase of 17.66%, and the accumulated stock financing reached 22.669 billion yuan. The listing of the main board has maintained an average annual growth rate. Kao, Xinquan, Zhengdan, Dingsheng New Materials, and Tianna Technology have successively listed on the main board, GEM, and science and technology board. The total number of listed companies has increased by more than three years. 241.67%. Tiannai Technology, which was successfully listed on September 25 this year, is the 30th listed company in science and technology board in the country and the 5th in the province.

In addition, relying on modern Internet technologies, Zhenjiang City effectively integrates information resources such as government support policies, social credit reporting, corporate financing needs, and financial institution financing products, establishing a comprehensive financial service platform, and building an "online" + "offline" platform. Fast financing channel, 17,000 registered companies (using 14.72% of the city's total number of enterprises), 43 financial institutions, and 146 financial products have been released on the platform. A total of 18 billion yuan; "offline" joint multi-sector cooperation to carry out nearly 100 special financing docking activities, printing and distribution of "Zhenjiang City Financial Services Manual", allowing enterprises to "know the policy", "there is a way", "the financing".

Through a series of measures, Zhenjiang's financial development momentum is good.

-The development of the banking and insurance industry is progressing steadily. At the end of November, the deposit balances of the city's banking financial institutions were 549.123 billion yuan, an increase of 36.691 billion yuan or 7.16% over the beginning of the year, which was 2.4 times the increase of last year's full year (an increase of 15.566 billion yuan in 18 years); various loans The balance was 522.791 billion yuan, an increase of 73.647 billion yuan or 16.40% over the beginning of the year, which was 2.73 percentage points higher than the province's average increase. It ranked second in the province (up 5 points from the beginning of the year), and the increase accounted for 4.56% of the province's proportion. Among them, the manufacturing loans were 98.963 billion yuan, an increase of 4.832 billion yuan over the beginning of the year, accounting for 18.93%, ranking second in the province; the stock deposit-loan ratio was 95.20%, and the incremental deposit-loan ratio was 200.72%, both ranking second in the province. Bit. From January to November, the city's insurance institutions realized 13.118 billion yuan in premium income, a year-on-year increase of 9.2%, and the compensation expenditure was 3.075 billion yuan.

-The development of similar financial institutions is stable and orderly. By carrying out special inspections and business training, we will further standardize the operation of financial institutions and promote the healthy development of the industry. As of the end of October, the city's small loan companies had issued a total of 75.04 billion yuan of loans, an increase of 3.12 billion yuan over the beginning of the year; a total of 13,495 customers were supported, an increase of 1,198 over the beginning of the year; the pawn balance was 340 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 74.81%; There were 12,471 transactions, a year-on-year increase of 28.6%. The total assets of the financial leasing company were 35.39 billion yuan, the amount of financial leasing assets was 11.727 billion yuan, the number of customers was 1,105, the total value of commercial factoring assets was 920 million yuan, and the principal of factoring financing was 869 million yuan. , The number of customers is 21; the guarantee balance of financing guarantee industry is 7.05 billion yuan.

As of now, the city has established a total of 90 creditor committees in the banking industry (including a tight debtor committee), allowing banks and enterprises to fully and timely communicate and reach consensus, effectively and stably controlling some corporate credit. At the same time, the disposal of non-performing assets is also progressing steadily. At the end of October, the city's banking industry's non-performing loan balance and non-performing ratio both fell (the non-performing loan balance decreased by 937 million yuan from the beginning of the year, and the non-performing loan ratio decreased by 0.41 percentage point from the beginning of the year).

With regard to the maintenance of the financial environment, the Zhenjiang Municipal Government has issued the "Interim Measures for Monitoring and Early Warning of Financial Stakeholders in Zhenjiang City", establishing a joint meeting system, improving working rules, and regularly holding research and judgment meetings to comprehensively build a citywide stakeholder financial risk monitoring and early warning system. . At the same time, the quality of “Excellent Financial Ecology Counties” is strictly controlled, the financial ecological benchmarking demonstration effect is enlarged, and financial resources are guided to concentrate in the outstanding financial ecological counties and districts, and the financial ecological environment is continuously optimized.

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