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"Ecological Priority, Green Development": Sample of Dalat Banner of Modern Energy Economy

Author: Zhang Xi Wen Source: China Financial and Economic News Network Date: 2019-11-29

"The desert is lonely and straight, and the river is setting the sun." It is a classic poem by the ancients to describe the vast desert scenery. The yellow sand is long, the sun is burning, and the vast and magnificent borders of the desert and the vast sky, Yuncun Yunshu make people sincerely aspire and yearn. With the continuous and in-depth advancement of the energy revolution, under the concept of "ecological priority and green development", the raging yellow sand and red days have been transformed into clean energy and become a new driving force for the economic and social development of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

"In the new era, General Secretary Xi ’s thought of ecological civilization proposes that" green mountains and green mountains are the golden mountains and the silver mountains. " "The golden sand and blue sea." Qi Dalentai, secretary of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Dalate Banner Committee, told reporters.

The reporter learned that the Dalat Banner relies on the Kubuqi Desert Economic Pilot Zone and in accordance with General Secretary Xi ’s important instructions to Inner Mongolia's "Good Article on Modern Energy Economy", innovates industrial development concepts and development models, and makes overall plans for the modern energy economy The development pattern, organically combining clean energy development and desert prevention and control, provides a model of the Dalat Banner of "modern energy economy".

Photovoltaic sand control: "yellow sand" becomes "oasis"

The yellow sand becomes an oasis, and the blue sea gallops. After a rainy season of baptism, the 500MW project of the first phase of Dalat Banner's photovoltaic power generation application base is green, and some jujube trees have begun to bear fruit. The world's largest desert photovoltaic horse consisting of 19,320 photovoltaic panels is standing tall. Hoof disease. On October 12, the construction of Dalat Banner's leading photovoltaic power generation incentive base project started. This is a flag of modern energy economy demonstration flag and the construction of Kubu. Another major milestone in its desert economic pilot zone.

"The construction of a leading base for photovoltaic power generation is a foothold in implementing General Secretary Jinping's instructions regarding Inner Mongolia to complete this article on" Modern Energy Economy ", which will promote the high-quality development of the desert economy." Qi Dalun Taizai The construction conference said that the construction of the project will have a significant and far-reaching impact on the development of Daqi's modern energy economy, the continuous improvement of the Kubuqi Desert ecological environment, the improvement of the three industries' integrated development demonstration level, and the acceleration of the pace of regional economic transformation and upgrading.

The reporter learned from the scene that the Kubuqi Desert is located on the northern ridgeline of the Ordos Plateau with a total area of about 1.45 million hectares and about 61% of mobile sand dunes. It resembles a yellow dragon lying across the northern Ordos Plateau across the Three Banners of Inner Mongolia. In the past many years, not only the local people have to endure the suffering of flying yellow sand all year round, but also because the desert is closest to Beijing, it is also called "a pot of sand hanging on the capital's head".

In 2017, Dalat Banner took desertification control as an important strategic measure to build an important ecological security barrier in the north of China and promote high-quality economic development. It began to construct a photovoltaic plant covering an area of 100,000 acres and a scale of 2 million kilowatts in the Kubuqi Desert. Sand control project. On November 30, 2017, the first phase of a 500,000-kilowatt project with a total investment of 3.75 billion yuan was approved by the National Energy Administration, and construction started on May 29, 2018. On December 10, one-time full-capacity grid-connected power generation was achieved.

In the hinterland of the Kubuqi Desert in Dalate Banner, the reporter looked at the golden Gobi Beach and the neatly arranged blue photovoltaic power generation panels, complementing each other and becoming a beautiful landscape. In June of this year, the National Energy Administration identified three bases in Inner Mongolia Dalat, Jilin Baicheng, and Jiangsu Sihong as the third-phase photovoltaic power generation leading incentive bases, each of which has a scale of 500,000 kilowatts. According to the relevant person in charge of Dalat Banner, the reward and incentive project will realize one-time full-capacity grid-connected power generation before June 10, 2020. After the project is completed, it will be integrated with the first phase of Dalat PV, becoming the largest in the country. Desert centralized photovoltaic power generation base and the world's largest photovoltaic sand control project.

Desert management is a worldwide problem, and after decades of exploration, China has achieved world-renowned results. Promoting plant growth and ecological improvement through photovoltaic project construction is a major initiative in recent years.

"In the past, we engaged in desert governance and laid a good foundation for further improvement of the ecological environment. The overall governance has reached 25%, but it only stays at the level of governance. There are both land and light resources in the desert, so we use photovoltaic governance Sand, use the concept of industrialization to control the desert, and build a "Desert Economic Pilot Zone", which can effectively use desert resources. "Qi Dalentai introduced to reporters that the leading base of photovoltaic power generation applications in Dalat has changed from government investment to The leading traditional model of sand control organically combines desert management and scientific utilization, and promotes ecological construction through project construction, and adheres to the parallel and balanced development of desert governance, ecological restoration, ecological economy, and desert industry.

The reporter learned that with the gradual progress of the project construction, the treatment area will also be expanded and extended. It is estimated that after the completion of the 2 million kilowatt project, the ecological desertification area will be 200,000 mu. In August of this year, Han Zheng, vice premier of the State Council, conducted a survey on the Kubuqi desert photovoltaic industry and said, “Kubuqi deserters have made extraordinary achievements in desertification control after more than 30 years of hard work and hard work.” He pointed out, To promote Kubuqi's successful experience, it is necessary to promote the scientific spirit, respect the objective laws, seek truth from facts, adapt to local conditions, and ensure that ecological governance achieves practical results.

Building a modern energy economy

It is understood that the planning and construction of the leading base for the application of photovoltaic power generation in Dalate takes the development of a modern energy economy as the goal. In 2018, when General Secretary Xi Jinping participated in the deliberations of the Inner Mongolia delegation at the first meeting of the 13th National People's Congress, he emphasized that "the article on modern energy economy must be done well, keep up with the new trends in the world's energy technology revolution, extend the industrial chain, and improve the integration of energy resources "Utilization efficiency" has drawn an era blueprint for the high-quality development of energy in China.

"The important instructions given by the General Secretary, as well as the establishment of a modern energy economy demonstration zone by the autonomous region, and the creation of a national modern energy economy demonstration city by Ordos, have provided important opportunities for the development of clean energy and the promotion of industrial economic transformation in our country," Qi Darengtai said. Daqi organically combines the development of green and clean energy with the use of traditional petrochemical energy. Relying on the short power transmission radius of photovoltaic bases and the advantages of sufficient coal power resources in Dalat Power Plant, combined with the incremental power distribution reform pilots being implemented in the development zone, the formation of Photovoltaics and thermal power complement each other. Local multi-energy complementary models and regional microgrids are combined with local consumption and outward transmission to reduce electricity prices, attract investment, and accelerate the development of modern energy economy.

In the past two years, 22 newly-launched landing projects and 23 contracted projects have been introduced in the Dalat Economic Development Zone. The total investment is expected to be 136.64 billion yuan. By 2020, the output value of the development zone will double from 2017. In Qi Dalentai's view, there were problems of low quality in the past development, such as large investment and low return, and at the same time caused environmental pollution and waste of resources and space. Therefore, we must let the industry enter the park and realize the industrial development. The industrial ecosystem is agglomerated to form a circular and efficient system as a whole. He believes that the high-quality development of industry mainly lies in three aspects, one is "concentration, agglomeration, and intensive", the other is energy saving, environmental protection, and safety, and the third is efficiency, recycling, and innovation.

Qi Dalentai pointed out that to build a modern energy economy and achieve high-quality development, the core path is reform and innovation. The reporter learned that the leading base took concept and technological innovation as a key breakthrough, changed the decentralized thinking of the traditional photovoltaic industry, adopted a centralized planning, integrated technology, and centralized operation management model, unified planning for construction, operation and maintenance, and reduced costs. Improve performance. At the same time, relying on the planned million-kilowatt photovoltaic power generation base, the introduction of high-end, high-quality, and high-efficiency photovoltaic series technology products and equipment research and development enterprises, encourage industrial chain supporting projects to carry out strategic cooperation, collaborative innovation, and strive to form a complete range of upstream, downstream, and downstream categories A complete industrial chain with a high degree of conformity. At the same time, it will improve industrial service support systems such as related engineering design, testing and certification, and quality management to promote the overall competitiveness of the solar industry.

It is reported that the leading base of Dalat photovoltaic power generation applications adopts intensive space layout, integrated technology application, and centralized operation management model, which has been recognized by the National Energy Administration. At present, in terms of clean energy development and utilization, the first-phase project of the base has reached 810 million kWh of electricity, realized an output value of 280 million yuan, and an average electricity price of 0.35 yuan / kWh, which is at the leading level of low-cost advantages in the country. As weather conditions improve in the future, photovoltaic The technology leading advantage of the project will be further enlarged, and the economic benefits will exceed expectations. The annual power generation is expected to exceed 1.1 billion kWh, and the output value will be 385 million yuan.

"Next step, based on a comprehensive review of the current status of regional resources and industrial development, our banner will focus on the two leading economic sectors of the Dalat Economic Development Zone and Dalat's photovoltaic power generation application base, and adhere to the concept of ecological priority and green development. The main line is to build a new engine for the comprehensive development of the clean energy economy in the desert, and to take the development and construction of new energy as the starting point to coordinate the three new ideas for industrial integration and development. The construction of energy economy will realize the high-quality development of our economy. "Qi Dalentai said.

Ecological priority green development

The reporter learned that "ecological priority and green development" is the first principle in the planning and construction process of Dalat's photovoltaic power generation application base. It also promotes ecological protection and construction through project construction to form desert governance, ecological restoration, ecological economy, and the desert industry. Multi-in-one development system with parallel and balanced development. Up to now, the first phase of the project has implemented 23,000 mu of ecological construction, of which 3,000 acres of protective forests, 17,500 acres of sand barriers, 12,000 acres of economic forests such as jujube, 5000 acres of Chinese herbal medicines such as Scutellaria baicalensis and Astragalus, and effective sand fixation of 50,000 acres within the year .

At the same time, in order to effectively implement the decision of "Promote the integration and development of rural one, two, and three industries, and promote the transformation and upgrading of rural economy" made by the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the base also regards the integration of one, two, and three industries as the core key and the development of photovoltaics. The industry is organically combined with desert organic agriculture, desert-style tourism, and rural revitalization, promoting ecological industrialization and industrial ecologicalization, and maximizing the ecological, economic, and social benefits of the base. Adopt the methods of "on-board power generation, inter-board breeding, and under-plant grass (medicine)" to achieve comprehensive land use and promote the formation of a multi-industrial integration development pattern of "agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, light, and tourism".

At present, the total investment of Kubuqi's Light Energy Surrounding Desert Park tourism project has reached 760 million yuan. It is planned to complete an investment of 244 million yuan during the year. After the project is completed, it can receive 1.5 million tourists and achieve an output value of 400 million yuan. In addition, through the "forest-light complementary" ecological restoration project, economic forest conservation projects are contracted to local farmers and herdsmen, and benefits are distributed in accordance with the principle of "who cares and benefits." At the same time, it can be absorbed through desert tourism, photovoltaic panel cleaning, and property services. Employment of 1,200 people, per capita income increased by 4,200 yuan.

In September this year, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed at the symposium on ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin that we must adhere to the concept that green water and green mountains are the golden mountains and silver mountains, adhere to the principle of ecological priority, green development, and rely on water. Adjust measures according to local conditions, implement policies by category, plan upstream, downstream, main tributaries, left and right banks, and work together to protect large areas, promote large-scale governance, strengthen ecological protection and governance, ensure the long-term stability of the Yellow River, promote high-quality development of the entire river basin, improve people's lives, and protect Inherit and carry forward the Yellow River culture, making the Yellow River a happy river for the benefit of the people.

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