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The 2019 Guangzhou Good Walker Charity Walk was successfully held

Author: Zhang Xi Wen Source: Published: 2019-12-27

由国务院扶贫办指导,中国扶贫基金会、广州市人民政府主办,广州市民政局、广州市体育局、广州市花都区人民政府、广州市社会组织联合会承办的2019广州善行者公益徒步活动在广州市花都区顺利举行,来自全国各地的500支队伍,2000名善行者齐聚“慈善之城”广州,以徒步点亮公益路,助力脱贫攻坚。 Reported by Zhang Xiwen , a reporter from China Business News, recently, under the guidance of the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council , sponsored by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Guangzhou Municipal People's Government, Guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau, Guangzhou Sports Bureau, Guangzhou Huadu District People's Government, Guangzhou Social Organization Federation The 2019 Guangzhou Good Walker Public Welfare Walking Event was successfully held in Huadu District, Guangzhou. 500 teams from all over the country and 2,000 good walkers gathered in Guangzhou, the city of charity, to lighten the public welfare road on foot and help to overcome poverty.

Chen Kaizhi, the seventh deputy director of the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, stated in his speech that good people are a new vehicle for mobilizing social forces to participate in poverty alleviation. In the critical period of our country ’s poverty alleviation work, the public through physical education, Public welfare charity is closely linked with poverty alleviation, calling for more people to participate in public welfare, pay attention to poverty alleviation, and help win the battle against poverty.

表示 ,广州慈善文化源远流长,扶危济困、乐善好施是广州人民的传统美德。 In his speech, Deputy Secretary-General Ma Shu of the People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality stated that the charity culture in Guangzhou has a long history, and helping the danger and helping the poor, and being kind is the traditional virtue of the people of Guangzhou. 深化“羊城慈善为民”行动,创建“慈善之城” In the new era, the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government have not forgotten their original intentions, kept their mission in mind, comprehensively benchmarked the requirements of the Party Central Committee, deepened the "Yangcheng Charity for the People" action, and created a "Charity City" . 广东扶贫济困日活动中 ,广州 社会各界认捐爱心款物6.57亿元 广益联募“互联网+慈善”平台累计筹款4亿元,30万人次捐赠 191个社会组织参与221个扶贫项目,累计投入1622.61万元,受益困难群众24.76万人;贵州毕节、黔南848个深度贫困村,新疆疏附61个深度贫困村实现结对帮扶全覆盖 ;广州人民正以实实在在的爱心善举,生动诠释着“慈善之城”精神和“全民慈善”文化。 During this year's Guangdong Poverty Alleviation Day , all sectors of the Guangzhou society pledged 657 million yuan in love and money ; Guangyi Lianhua raised a total of 400 million yuan in "Internet + Charity" platform and 300,000 donations ; 191 social organizations participated in 221 The poverty alleviation project has invested 16.2261 million yuan, benefiting 247,600 people in difficulties; 848 deep poverty villages in Bijie and Qiannan, and 61 deep poverty villages in Xinjiang ’s Shufu area have achieved full coverage of paired assistance ; the people of Guangzhou are making solid progress . The kindness and kindness vividly interpreted the spirit of "Charity City" and "National Charity" culture. "Yangcheng Charity for the People" and other projects won the 10th China Charity Award, and the Guangzhou City Charity Charity Index rose to the second in the country and the first in the province.

Along with "Star", Chen Qiaoen and Ren Yongquan help

On December 21, Chen Qiaoen showed up. This is the third time she went to the site of good deeds this year, and gave silent encouragement and support to the team members. Chen Qiaoen said that in the future, she will continue to use her influence to encourage more people with good will to take public welfare as a new attitude in life.

Guangdong TV host Ren Yongquan joined again as a goodwill ambassador, interacted with the team members, and rushed to the site to serve the team members as volunteers. In the interview, he mentioned: "Practice is the best way to spread and support public welfare. I hope that I can always walk with good people and good people.

Huadu trip, warm public welfare road with walking

In 2018, the good walkers landed in Guangzhou for the first time and experienced the beauty of Baiyun Mountain. In 2019, the good performers return and take root in Huadu, starting from the paradise on the Tropic of Cancer-North Trail Camp No. 1 and set off on a 50-km journey. Smell the fragrance of the earth, listen to the birds' words in the valley, and overlook the bustling and tranquility of the entire Huadu from the height of Furong Park, feel the style and taste of Guangzhou.

50 kilometers, 16 hours, each team member can walk with peace of mind behind 30 government departments and towns and streets, including public security, traffic police, health planning, urban management, and more than 420 staff on duty day and night, working hard, They go all out to ensure the safety and smoothness of all stations and sections, and escort for good deeds. 2019 广州善行者公益徒步活动的有力保障,同时也希望善行者首次落地花都,为花都带来别样的公益魅力。 In his speech, Mindu Fei, deputy mayor of Huadu District, said that good people are an important channel for mobilizing social forces to fight poverty. To help good people, Huadu District has provided security, medical care, emergency rescue, route settings, and logistical support. I made thorough preparations to make Huadu District a strong guarantee for the 2019 Guangzhou Good Walker Charity Walk. At the same time, I hope that Good Walkers will land in Huadu for the first time, bringing a different charity charm to Huadu.

More than a thousand volunteers are waiting for you, and companionship is the longest confession

The good deeds are a carnival. The team members walk for love in front, and the volunteers and staff guard silently at the rear. Adhere to the Blue Sky Rescue Team on the line, the Huadu District Flying Over the Radio Association to ensure smooth communication, college students who are enthusiastic in service, orthopedic doctors of the five emperors of traditional Chinese medicine, dedicated medical staff, and public security, traffic police, fire, urban management, Various government departments, such as civil affairs, have ensured the smooth running of the event in an all-round way, and are making every effort to create this charity carnival, for the experience of the participants, and for the children in the poor areas.

18 companies and more than 50 media make good deeds more powerful

Six years of good deeds, and more and more travellers on the road of public welfare. 18 companies are the warmest record on the road. Funds, materials, services, insurance and other comprehensive guarantees make the 50 km journey full of warmth. A piece of chocolate when hungry, a cup of ginger tea when cold, a massage when tired, and special services from sites such as AVIC Trust, Ruoxin Group, Guangzhou Social Federation, etc., not only provide participants with a solid logistical guarantee, but also Provides indispensable spiritual strength.

Zhou Qi, Deputy Secretary and General Manager of the Party Committee of AVIC Trust, said in a speech: "The good deeds are the new path for AVIC to actively explore the enterprise to help charity. At the same time as enterprises are helping to overcome poverty, they also hope that more caring people will participate in public welfare activities under the call of good people. "

More than 50 media have helped each other, recording good deeds and spreading the charm of public welfare. The event support unit, Guangdong Radio and Television Station, Yangcheng traffic radio frequency, even selected 15 listeners to set up a "1052 iron feet pie", host Chen Jiahui led the team to challenge 50 kilometers, raise funds for love, and once again built a school for the children. Caring kitchen.

11 social organizations to jointly create a better public welfare future

The charity funds raised by Guangzhou Good Walkers in 2019 are used to support the development of local social organizations in Guangzhou, and to support more vulnerable groups by supporting diversified public welfare projects; "Protection", care for the children in the poor mountainous area of Bijie City, Guizhou Province, assisted by Guangzhou counterparts, and help them build a loving kitchen so that they can eat healthy, nutritious and warm lunch. A total of 11 social organizations from Guangzhou have participated this year. The beneficiary groups include the elderly, children, and people with disabilities. We hope that through the strength of the public, the elderly can rely on them, their children can develop, and their disabilities can be guaranteed. Beautiful.

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