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China Financial News Agency and China Science and Technology Jiangnan Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Author: Zhang Heng Source: China Financial and Economic News Network Date: 2019-12-25

China Finance News Network reporter Zhang Heng reported that on December 24, China Finance and Economics signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Zhongke Jiangnan Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhongke Jiangnan). In the future, the two sides will fully cooperate in the fields of finance and financial informatization construction. Hu Xingguo, deputy director of China Finance News Agency, and Zhu Ling, president of China Science and Technology Jiangnan attended the signing ceremony and delivered speeches.

As the foundation and important pillar of state governance, finance is in urgent need of the use of information technology to promote the establishment of a modern financial system and help improve the ability of fiscal governance. Hu Xingguo said that as the media headed by the Ministry of Finance, China Financial News has closely focused on the work of the financial center, actively serving the various departments of the Ministry of Finance, and doing a good job of fiscal propaganda, including fiscal informatization. Good public opinion atmosphere. From this year, the newspaper has accelerated the pace of media integration. Based on finance, deepening the industry and providing good services, it has initially formed a variety of carriers covering paper media, websites, WeChat matrix, Weibo, APP clients, and media media studios. The three-dimensional communication pattern is creating a large media platform that serves the party group and the financial system of the Ministry of Finance, has the characteristics of the industry, and has a certain market value.

Hu Xingguo said that in recent years, Zhongke Jiangnan has been committed to financial integration business management systems, electronic payment security solutions and big data application solutions, and has made positive contributions to the construction of financial informatization. Highly recognized by the financial sector. In order to do a better job of financial informatization, timely display the latest technological achievements in the field of financial informatization, and jointly promote the construction of financial informatization, China Finance and Economics and China Science and Technology Jiangnan carried out strategic cooperation to deeply dig and publicize the successful experience and methods of financial informatization , Analyze and discuss the problems and development ideas of financial informatization construction, and form a model of financial informatization construction that can be copied and promoted.

Zhu Ling said that Zhongke Jiangnan is a national comprehensive IT information technology service provider focusing on industries at all levels of government and financial institutions in China. It is committed to providing government departments with information management system solutions, including financial business integration solutions, Government financial integrated management solution, financial business electronic solution, big data integrated application solution and government IT services and other solutions. The company's main business is mainly composed of electronic related business and traditional financial business. Among them, the electronic payment business is the company's basic business and main business, which has been widely promoted and applied nationwide.

Zhu Ling said that from the beginning of the establishment, Zhongke Jiangnan regards the construction of financial business integration system as the company's key main business, and continuously researches financial reforms in the course of the company's development and growth, drawing on enterprise informationization, e-commerce, etc. Construction experience, and explore the way to build an integrated financial business system. At the same time, with years of experience in informatization construction in the financial industry, continuous innovation, and keeping up with the times, we have achieved certain results. Both the company's products and services have been unanimously recognized by the majority of users. It is hoped that with this strategic cooperation, the two parties will jointly carry out comprehensive cooperation on various resources such as government, industry (universities, hospitals, etc.), professional fields, media platforms, etc., establish an efficient communication and linkage mechanism between the two parties, and build a good interaction platform between the government and enterprises for collaboration Promote the smooth progress of various tasks.

Before the signing ceremony, the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on further improving the cooperation mechanism and broadening the cooperation fields. Both parties are full of confidence in this cooperation and will work together to create a benchmark for media and corporate cooperation.

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