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2019 "Foreign Enterprise Poverty Alleviation Action" Summary Meeting and Research Report Press Conference Held in Beijing

Source: China Finance News Release time: 2019-12-20

12 19 日,由中国扶贫基金会、中国外商投资企业协会主办的2019“外企扶贫行动”总结会暨研究报告发布会在北京国贸大酒店举行。 Correspondent Zhang Xiwen of China Financial News reported that on December 19 , the 2019 "Foreign Enterprise Poverty Alleviation Action" Summary Meeting and Research Report Launch Conference sponsored by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and China Association of Foreign Investment Enterprises was held at the Beijing International Trade Hotel. 6 家外资企业相关负责人、2 6家媒体近百人 参会。 Chen Deming, Chairman of the China Association of Foreign Investment Enterprises, Zheng Wenkai, Chairman of the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Wang Dayang, Deputy Inspector of the Department of Social Poverty Alleviation of the State Council's Poverty Alleviation Office, Wang Weihuan, Deputy Director of the Foreign Investment Department of the Ministry of Commerce, Cao Hongying, Deputy Executive Chairman Former Chairman Gao Qiang, Deputy Director of the Poverty Reduction and Development Division of the Finance Department of the Ministry of Commerce, Deputy Director Wang Ning, Deputy Dean of the School of Public Management of Tsinghua University, Director of the Social Innovation and Rural Rejuvenation Research Center Deng Guosheng, Deputy Dean of the Boao Forum for Asia Research Institute Chen Yanjun, China Poverty Reduction Fund Deputy Secretary-General Ding Yadong , nearly 100 people from 66 foreign-funded companies and 26 media attended the meeting.

中国外商投资企业协会会长 陈德铭表示: 党中央国务院高度重视社会组织等社会力量在脱贫攻坚中的重要作用,习主席多次强调要动员全社会的力量,广泛参与扶贫事业,鼓励支持各类企业、社会组织、个人参与脱贫攻坚。 At the press conference, host Chen Deming, chairman of the China Association of Foreign Investment Enterprises, said: The CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the important role of social forces such as social organizations in poverty alleviation. Chairman Xi has repeatedly emphasized the need to mobilize the entire society and participate in poverty alleviation. To encourage and support various enterprises, social organizations, and individuals to participate in poverty alleviation. In order to implement the decision of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on winning poverty alleviation, under the guidance of the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office and the Ministry of Commerce, we will actively mobilize foreign enterprises to participate in poverty alleviation with the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. We will resolutely implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, resolutely fulfill our responsibility for poverty alleviation, actively participate in the business poverty alleviation plan, and conduct a series of activities through project inspection and docking, public welfare donations, multinational corporations' western trips, and selection of outstanding cases for poverty alleviation. The combination boxing for business poverty alleviation has achieved obvious results. As an important bridge connecting China with the world, foreign-invested enterprises have always been in-depth participants, witnesses, contributors and beneficiaries of China's development. 99 万多家,累计吸收外资超过 2.1 万亿美元。 China has set up more than 990,000 foreign-funded enterprises and has accumulated more than 2.1 trillion US dollars in foreign investment . It has played an indispensable role for China's stable economic development, structural adjustment, promotion of development, and the benefit of people's livelihood. Foreign-funded enterprises are an important social force involved in poverty alleviation, and China has played an active role in poverty alleviation and development of public welfare undertakings. The China Association of Foreign-Invested Enterprises will continue to give full play to its work advantages, focus on the deeply impoverished areas and special poor groups, focus on the development of poverty alleviation industries and consolidate the effectiveness of poverty alleviation, co-ordinate poverty alleviation efforts and implement rural revitalization strategies, further implement poverty alleviation action plans, and continuously improve the effectiveness of poverty alleviation work. Make new contributions to winning the battle against poverty.

中国扶贫基金会对于外企热情主动参与脱贫攻坚更有切身感受。 Zheng Wenkai , the director of the organizer China Poverty Alleviation Foundation, said that China Poverty Alleviation Foundation has a more personal experience of the enthusiasm of foreign companies to actively participate in poverty alleviation. 100多个 县近7 0 万人次,不仅辐射带动了贫困人口脱贫增收,而且在产业扶贫、教育扶贫、健康扶贫等多个领域实施,有力推动创新精准扶贫、精准脱贫模式,形成了一批典型案例,提供了可复制、可推广的扶贫工作思路。 Over the years, the China Poverty Alleviation Foundation has cooperated with many foreign companies such as Yum !, Samsung, VISA, Infant, Friesland, Starbucks, Apple, etc., and has launched a number of poverty alleviation projects such as donation of one yuan, Baimei Village, Yueyue Plan, etc. It has benefited nearly 700,000 person-times in more than 100 counties , which has not only promoted poverty alleviation and income increase for the poor, but also implemented it in various fields such as industrial poverty alleviation, education poverty alleviation, health poverty alleviation, etc., and vigorously promoted innovative and targeted poverty alleviation and precision poverty alleviation models, forming a model Approved typical cases, which provided replicable and scalable ideas for poverty reduction work.

Persistence in mobilizing social forces to win the fight against poverty is a topic of common concern to the whole society. Wang Dayang, an inspector of the Department of Social Poverty Alleviation of the State Council's Poverty Alleviation Office, has taken the overall situation of poverty alleviation from the current situation, the central government ’s decision-making deployment and overall requirements for social poverty alleviation, The work of social poverty alleviation and how to promote social forces to make new contributions in poverty alleviation provided comprehensive guidance and explanations. 目前我们国家贫困人口的 ' 两不愁、三保障 ' 的突出问题,总体得到了解决。深度贫困地区,以三区三州为代表的全国性深度贫困地区,脱贫攻坚进展非常顺利。1000万人左右的异地扶贫搬迁建设任务,到今年年底基本完成。返贫人口逐年减少,从以前每年100多万人,到现在每年返贫人数基本10万人以内。脱贫攻坚的社会氛围更加浓厚,包括我们外资企业、各类企业、社会组织、公民个人都积极参与到了脱贫攻坚的事业当中来。贫困群众的获得感显著增强,社会各方面对脱贫攻坚的认可度、满意度都显著提升。对我们建档立卡系统进行初步统计汇总,预计今年年底全国还将减少建档立卡的贫困人口1000万人以上,完成我们今年的年度减贫任务。 希望有更多的外资企业为中国的脱贫攻坚事业做出更多的贡献,巩固脱贫攻坚成果,在产业扶贫和消 He mentioned: " At present , the outstanding problems of" two cares and three guarantees "for the poor in our country have been resolved. Deeply impoverished areas, national deep poverty areas represented by three regions and three prefectures, have made great progress in poverty alleviation. Smooth. The relocation and construction of off-site poverty alleviation of about 10 million people has basically been completed by the end of this year. The number of people returning to poverty has been decreasing year by year, from more than 1 million people each year to less than 100,000 people each year. The social atmosphere for poverty alleviation is stronger , Including our foreign-funded enterprises, various types of enterprises, social organizations, and individual citizens have actively participated in the cause of poverty alleviation. The sense of gain of the poor has increased significantly, and the recognition and satisfaction of all parties in the society in the face of poverty alleviation have significantly increased. . Make a preliminary statistical summary of our filing system. It is expected that by the end of this year, the number of poverty-stricken people will be reduced by more than 10 million nationwide by the end of this year, and we will complete our annual poverty reduction task this year. I hope more foreign-funded enterprises will be China Make more contributions to the cause of poverty alleviation, consolidate the results of poverty alleviation, and reduce poverty in the industry. Fei contributes to poverty alleviation, explores and innovates in practice, improves assistance mechanisms, improves data statistics and analysis, and improves, and contributes new strength to winning the tough battle against poverty. "

7 年公益之路的深耕细作,从产业扶贫,健康扶贫等方面入手,致力于成为中国人民喜爱的企业,贡献于中国社会的企业;宝洁公司全球高级副总裁仇中强就教育扶贫实践进行分享,宝洁公司提出企业公民责任框架,整合宝洁全部力量,推动并启发给世界的积极影响,在教育扶贫上向“扶智”转变,助力青少年发展,成为一股积极向上和向善的力量;百胜中国作为中国最大的餐饮企业,其公共事务副总监张晓文以“捐一元,献爱心,送营养”和“必胜客扶业计划”两大公益项目介绍了百胜中国的公益事业发展情况;麦当劳中国总监张紫云重点分享了“麦当劳叔叔之家”公益基金的愿景与实践 Also present at the conference were foreign-funded companies in China who have long been committed to helping China overcome poverty. Samsung Samsung ’s chief vice president Wang Tong introduced the theme of “China ’s Samsung in China” for 27 years. The intensive cultivation of the road to public welfare, starting from industrial poverty alleviation and health poverty alleviation, is committed to becoming a company loved by the Chinese people and contributing to Chinese society; Qiu Zhongqiang, Global Senior Vice President of Procter & Gamble, shares education poverty alleviation practices, and Procter & Gamble proposed Corporate citizenship framework, integrating all of Procter & Gamble's strengths, promoting and enlightening the positive impact on the world, transforming education towards poverty alleviation, helping young people to develop, and becoming a positive and good force; Yum! China is the largest in China Zhang Xiaowen, the deputy director of public affairs of the catering company, introduced the development of Yum! China ’s public welfare under two major public welfare projects: “Donate One Yuan, Dedicate Love, Give Nutrition” and “Pizza Pizza Support Plan”; Zhang Ziyun, Director of McDonald ’s China, shared “ Vision and Practice of Uncle McDonald's House ”Charity Fund VISA 公司普惠金融及教育负责人王东从普惠金融教育方面重点介绍了V ISA 在中国的公益事业。 VISA inclusive finance company and the person in charge of Education from Wang inclusive financial education focuses V ISA public welfare in China.

019年 中国外商投资企业参与脱贫攻坚的情况并形成“外企扶贫行动观察报告”。 In addition, Deng Guosheng, Deputy Dean of the School of Public Management and Director of the Research Center for Social Innovation and Rural Revitalization of Tsinghua University, introduced and researched Chinese foreign investment in 019 in terms of accuracy, effectiveness, innovation, and sustainability through the collection and research of poverty alleviation projects. The situation of enterprises participating in poverty alleviation and forming an "observation report on poverty reduction actions of foreign enterprises". :“ 外商投资企业正在积极参与脱贫攻坚,也成为我们扶贫的一个新生力量。尽管以前做了很多事情,在精准扶贫领域正在成为一个新生的重要力量。最后 他表示不仅外资企业开展扶贫需要平台,更重要能够为中国的精准扶贫和乡村振兴事业,带来示范引领,这才是最大的价值所在。 He said : " Foreign-invested enterprises are actively participating in poverty alleviation and have become a new force in poverty alleviation. Despite doing a lot of things before, they are becoming an important new force in the field of precision poverty alleviation. Finally , he said that not only foreign-funded enterprises are conducting poverty alleviation. A platform is needed, and more importantly, it can bring demonstration and guidance to China's targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization cause. This is the greatest value. "

“外企扶贫行动”交流平台的指导单位国务院扶贫办、商务部,主办方中国扶贫基金会、中国外商投资企业协会,支持方华大学公共管理学院副院长、社会创新与乡村振兴研究中心代表为4 2家外企颁发 2 019年度 “外企扶贫行动”成员证书并正式启动“外企扶贫行动”交流平台。 Finally , the guidance unit of the “Foreign Enterprises Poverty Alleviation Action” communication platform is the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office, the Ministry of Commerce, the sponsor China Poverty Alleviation Foundation, and the China Association of Foreign Invested Enterprises, and supports the deputy dean of the School of Public Management of Fanghua University, the research on social innovation and rural revitalization Representatives of the center issued membership certificates for "Foreign Enterprises Poverty Alleviation Action" for 4 2 foreign companies and officially launched the "Foreign Enterprise Poverty Alleviation Action" communication platform.

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