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Public announcement of China Finance News Agency's application for senior journalist's certificate of honor

Source: China Financial News Release time: 2019-09-05

关于向资深新闻工作者颁发荣誉证书和证章的通知 》要求,现将本社 从事新闻采编工作满30年、符合申报条件的5名同志相关情况予以公示: According to the requirements of the China Association of Records on the Issuance of Honorary Certificates and Badges to Senior Journalists , the relevant situation of five comrades who have engaged in news editing and editing for 30 years and meet the declaration requirements is now public:

1. Zhang Tong, male, born on January 18, 1960, is the network editor and chief editor of the New Media Department of China Finance and Economics. The editing and editing period is 32 years.      

1987年9月—1991年7月,中国经济新闻报社美术编辑;1991年7月—2003年12月,中国财经报总编室编辑;2003年12月—2015年2月,中国财经报技术部网站网络编辑;2015年2月至今,中国财经报新媒体部网络编辑。 Personal resume: September 1987-July 1991, art editor of China Economic News News Agency; July 1991-December 2003, editor of China Financial News Editor's Office; December 2003-February 2015, China Network editor of the website of the Financial News Technology Department; since February 2015, the online editor of the New Media Department of the China Business News.

2. Liu Ye, male, born February 2, 1963, editor of China Financial News News Department, chief editor, editing and editing work for 35 years.

1984年1月—1996年,青海日报通联部、经济部编辑、记者;1996年12月至今,中国财经报总编室、专刊部、政府采购编辑部、财经专题部、要闻部编辑。 Personal resume: From January 1984 to 1996, editor and reporter of Qinghai Daily Communication Department, Ministry of Economic Affairs; reporter from December 1996 to present edit.

3. Chen Qinghua, male, born March 20, 1963, director of the editorial department of the China Accounting Newspaper of China Financial News Agency, senior editor, with a working life of 33 years.

1986年8月—1991年6月,天津社会科学杂志社编辑;1991年6月—2003年5月,中国财经报理论部、总编室、专刊部、新闻中心记者、编辑;2003年5月—2004年6月,中国财经报新闻中心副主任;2004年6月—2009年5月,中国财经报新闻中心主任;2009年5月—2010年3月,中国财经报新闻部主任;2010年3月—2014年3月,中国财经报财经专题部主任; 2 014年3月至今,中国财经报社中国会计报编辑部主任。 Personal resume: August 1986-June 1991, editor of Tianjin Social Science Magazine; June 1991-May 2003, reporter and editor of China Finance and Economics Theory Department, Editor-in-Chief Office, Special Issue Department, News Center; May 2003-June 2004, Deputy Director of China Finance News Center; June 2004-May 2009, Director of China Finance News Center; May 2009-March 2010, China Finance News Department Director; March 2010-March 2014, Director of the Financial and Economics Special Section of China Finance and Economics; March, 2014 to present, Director of the Editorial Department of China Financial and Economics News Agency .

4. Liu Mingzhong, male, born on April 12, 1964, a reporter of the China Finance Daily News Department, chief editor, with a life of 32 years.

1987年6月—1991年3月,中国机械报社助理编辑;1991年3月—2015年2月,中国财经报地方新闻部、新闻中心、新闻部编辑、记者:2015年2月至今,中国财经报要闻部记者。 Personal resume: June 1987-March 1991, assistant editor of China Machinery News Agency; March 1991-February 2015, local news department, news center, news department editor, reporter of China Finance and Economics: February 2015 So far, reporters from the China Finance Daily News.

5. Zhou Ning, female, born on September 23, 1964, editor of China Financial News News, senior editor, editor and editor for 31 years.

1988年6月—1991年2月,中国经济新闻报社总编室编辑、记者;1991年3月至今,中国财经报总编室、新闻部、通联部、财会世界编辑部、中国会计报编辑部、要闻部编辑、记者。 Personal resume: June 1988-February 1991, editor and reporter of China Economic News News Agency's chief editor's office; from March 1991 to present, China Business News's chief editor's office, news department, communication department, finance and accounting world editorial department, China Editorial department of accounting newspaper, editor of important news department, reporter.

The publicity time is from September 5 to 11, 2019. 如对以上公示内容有 不同意见 ,请以 电话、传真方式 反映 During the publicity period, if you have different opinions on the content of the above publicity , please reflect by telephone or fax .

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China Financial News Agency

                                                                                                                                                September 5, 2019

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